Letter of Intent Sample – 44 for MS

Ever since I was a child the sound of nature have enticed me. At a very young age, I learned that communication in nature had its own unique way. My mother is a teacher at a deaf and dumb school. I felt the need for communication ever since I visited that school and saw children devoid of those two essential senses. Deprived of my dream to be an architect due to health problems and with no fascination in the medical field, I decided to become an Electronic Engineer. Looking back, I see these different seasons as stages of growth that have helped me to understand the path that I wish to undertake in life.

During the course of engineering in the second years, a subject called Principles of Communication Engineering was introduced to us. It bewitched me totally. It was then I realized that my Master’s degree in engineering would be considered incomplete if I abstained myself from a dip in the sea of Communications. My penchant for Communication grew stronger after taking a plethora of course from a variety of subjects like Satellites, Television and Video technology, Digital Communications, etc.

Knowledge is power is a popular axiom. Knowledge is all-powerful and love of knowledge is a pre-requisite for any success in life. Assuming that education is no longer on a declining slope an the common man is on par with the new technologies, there are many new advances being made in the near future, advances that I would like to be part of.

New technologies like the Internet, call phones, and satellite TV have made the world, in its physical dimension, a smaller place, and established three means by which people in remote parts of the earth can communicate with each other. Every one immediately knows events that occur anywhere on the globe. The advent of technology has changed our lives tremendously. It has changed the perceptive with which we envisioned the world century’s age and it is one industry that is going to shape our future for centuries to come. Hence a master’s degree in electrical engineering with communications as major field is the next logical step. This would give me the leading edge in technology and the practical low-down and information I require.

In my opinion theoretical work alone is of little use unless it is accompanied by practical knowledge. I believe that I would be a suitable applicant for Research work in the university since I’ve always been inclined towards practical tasks and the everlasting quest to learn more. However, research is not only necessary to acquire data and formulate theories, but it is just as important to know how to apply those theories and use that data in the real world.

I would also make a worthy teacher due to my in-depth knowledge of various subjects and incessant deliberating and conversing skills. If given an opportunity to teach or do research work I would not fall short of your expectation. I believe that I possess the basic aptitude, discipline and perseverance to sustain the motivation and drive needed for a research career. I enjoy teaching and although I have no formal experience, my naturally strong communication skills will help me considerably. I envisage myself as a teacher and research-either in industry or in the university. I come from a family of Engineers. My father has done Civil Engineering while my sister is doing her master’s in Electrical Engineering and most of my cousins have also done their masters. Thus it is a strong belief in my family that the American education system has the best to offer in the whole world.

The American universities, I believe, is know for its diversity and magnanimity. Diversity in the form of cultures, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds and lifestyles is in complete contrast to the found in the Indian society. There are some attributes of Indian culture that I have incorporated into my identity, like respect for one’s elders, self-discipline in both religious and educational life, and a strong belief in religion that gives me the confidence and determination to achieve my goal. This way I will share my culture with this world and at the same time experience various other cultures. Being a part of this society and making an attempt to forge friendships with such people will be an enriching process. Apart form academic activities I have also been keenly involved in sports. I have always been an active member in sports and other cultural activities.

I believe your university could be the nucleus to accomplish my goals, as ample opportunities exist for students like me to intimate independent study and to become involved in active research programs, both experimental and theoretical. Your graduate program blends high quality course work and research facilities at the cutting edge of every sub-field. These factors distinguish your university from the others. In all, it is comprehensive university that furnishes an education that will serve me well in my career and prepare me for a lifetime of learning. This will ultimately help me provide vital contributions to society and work in a way to expedite the advancement and betterment of humanity as a whole. I believe the programs offered will help me acquire the versatility needed to reach my fully potential as an engineer.

Education, I believe, should be a medium for the unfolding of ones inborn faculties, enabling him to use his mind, eyes, ears, and hands, as they should be used This is the kind of education I would want, and one that I know your university will equip me with. I believe that my decision to pursue graduate studies in the US is underscored by my desire to be a part of the graduate program at your institution. I offer the flexibility needed for such a vast and rapidly changing field. A diverse student body, a milieu replete with academic activity, and expert instructors will allow me to fully develop the skills that I need in order to excel. If I can get an opportunity to be a part of that intellectually stimulating environment, I am confident my talents will be put to optimal use and that in return for this I can make a perennial contribution to your institution.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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