How to apply provides you with information on how to apply and assists you in the application process during the application round.

Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you know the programme – specific requirements before you start applying.

1. Search & Apply

All available study programmes in European countries can be found on the portal where you can search for suitable programmes and start the application. The online application is only open during the universities application period, so make sure you know when the application period starts. Once you have found a programme you wish to apply to, find out what the admissions requirements are.

2. Collect the documents

Information concerning the required application documents can be found on the portal as well as on the respective university’s website . The list of required documents for a particular programme will also appear on the online application form.

Please note that you must submit a separate set of requested application documents for each application.

It is possible to submit your documents ahead of time. If you submit your documents before submitting the online application, please make sure you have carefully read the document requirements.

3. Submit the documents to the University

Please send all of your documents to the University Admissions Office by mail. Your application documents must arrive to the University by the deadline informed to you in the confirmation email you will receive once you have submitted the online application. University processes all documents in the order of arrival, so it is in your best interest to submit your application documents as soon as possible. E-mail attachments will not be accepted. University Admissions Office does not process application documents that have arrived after the deadline.

Once your documents have been processed, you will receive an e-mail notification from University Admissions Office.

If, during the processing, it is noticed that your documents do not meet the requirements, you will be notified of this as well. However, you will not be given additional time beyond the given deadline to supplement your application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that all documents meet the given requirements. Documents that arrive after the deadline indicated in the confirmation email will not be processed.

For information on submitting documents, see respective university’s website >> How to submit documents.

4. Processing the documents

University Admissions Office processes all documents according to the same processing procedures. Documents are processed in two steps, both of which your application documents must pass:

  1. University will verify your language skills and check that they meet the requirements set by the university.
  2. University will check that all of your required educational documents have arrived and then University will verify your credentials.

Any other documents required by the programme that you are applying to (such as CVs, motivation letters etc.) need to be sent to University Admissions Office together with the above-mentioned documents. However, University does not process these or evaluate their content. They will be sent to the relevant university together with the rest of the application documents and will be evaluated at the university as part of the academic evaluation.

5. Finally

After the processing is completed, admissions will be carried out by the university and they will inform the applicants on their admission results according to their own schedules. does not take part in the academic assessment and therefore cannot give you any information on the admission results.

Please visit the respective university’s website for more information on their admissions requirements.