Letter of Intent

A letter of intent is required for applying to any universities. The writing format of a letter of intent can be different university to university. You should follow the appropriate writing format according to the university requirement.

Letter of intent

A letter of intent (also known as a statement of purpose or a motivation letter) is a document where you describe your professional competence and personal motivation about choosing to study a particular study field at a particular university. It introduces your interests and experience to the admissions committee. For research-focused programs, like most PhDs and Master’s degrees, your letter of intent will focus primarily on your past research experience and plans. For more professionally-focused graduate programs, your letter of intent will primarily discuss how your pursuit of this professional program relates to your past experiences, and how you will use the skills from the program in your future career.

A letter of intent for graduate school is also where you sell the admissions committee on why you belong in their program specifically. Why do you fit there, and how does what they offer fit your interests?

In the letter, you can write relevant and interesting details about yourself which can prove to the admission officers that you are the right candidate to be selected to participate in their program.

The letter of intent plays a decisive role in determining whether you will be accepted or not. It can be very challenging to present yourself in the way that would convince the study institution. Even if you are an outstanding student with the highest grades, many accomplishments, and very motivated you may not make it to a university based on the way you have written your motivational letter.
These characteristics must show in the best possible way in your letter of intent without sounding flat, otherwise, it will be considered inadequate!

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