Required Documents

All the required enclosures must be sent to University Admissions Office for processing. Please note that each application must have its own set of requested application documents. This means that you must submit as many sets of officially certified educational documents as there are programmes you are applying to; e.g. if you are applying to three programmes, you must submit three sets of requested application documents.

Application documents must reach University Admissions Office by the given deadline. University Admissions Office will verify your language skills and process your educational certificates including credential evaluation. You will receive an email notification when the documents have been processed.

Once the processing is completed, then Universities will conduct the academic evaluation of your degree and carry out the student admissions.

Description of the Required Documents

1. Proof of Language Skills

Depending on the option you have chosen, for example a language test. All language test results must reach University Admissions Office by the given deadline.

2. Educational Documents

Documents indicating your eligibility to apply, e.g. an officially certified copy of a Bachelor’s degree certificate and a transcript of records. Please note that the degree you are applying with should entitle you to apply to Master’s degree studies in the country where the degree has been awarded.

3. Other Documents

As requested by the degree programme. Please check the respective universities’ requirements on their websites.