Letter of Intent Sample – 71 for MS

The subject of law fascinates me extensively. There are many reasons for my pursuing law at the post-graduate level. First and foremost, I am intrigued by the developments in the law and the way it adapts to an ever-changing society. I am interested in discovering the reasoning of law and its workings in a society. Also, in the society I live in, knowledge of law is akin to knowledge of your rights. I want to be aware and have a full and deep understanding of my legal rights.

My motivation to study law is based not only on intellectual curiosity but also on a personal wish to become a part of a family and national tradition. My uncle, who has a master in law from Harvard Law School, stands as a role model for me. I believe his degree in law has helped him develop not only professionally but has also broadened his vision and understanding of the world and its affairs. Similarly I am also impressed by my national heroes Jinnah and Iqbal. In my opinion it was their background in law that gave them an insight into the social and political problems and their solutions. Though I don’t claim that after doing my LLM I will be able to cure my society of all of its ailments but at least I would be able to do my part. Another very important reason why I feel I should pursue a degree in law is that during my graduate studies I discovered this is what I enjoy doing. My three years at Law College has made me explore my potential. I am applying for this degree with a strong conviction that this is where I belong and this is what I love doing.

At Quaid-e-Azam Law College, my team consistently won the ‘Lords of International Law’ title. The participating teams are given various topics from International Law. The team decides either to go for or against the topic. After an in depth research each team presents the arguments in front of the audience and jury. I was mainly responsible for the research and compilation of the material. It makes me proud to look back at my contribution in making it possible for my team to win this competition four times, a first in the history of my college. Another co-curricular activity where I thoroughly enjoyed myself was clinical legal studies. The college creates an exact replica of the court and the participants have to either prosecute or defend a case assigned to them. In my final year, I was assigned two cases for which I did all the legal reasoning and argumentation. I won both cases.

In addition to this, I have presented various topics on Law of Evidence and Civil and Criminal Procedural Laws in my class. I was made the Associate Editor of the college magazine “QLCian”. I was responsible for writing, reviewing and editing columns and articles for the magazine. My experience as the member of the editorial board helped me further develop my critical thinking skills. In my 2nd and final years, I was member of the Study Circle of my college and couched my juniors particularly in the area of legal research. I consider my reading habit a very valuable asset in my legal education and generally in life too. Not only I am a voracious reader but also lucky to be able to retain most of what I go through. Many of my friends have nick-named me “Google”. I have read history, politics, religion, Sufism and literature. My reading habit has made me familiar with the laws of ancient civilizations:, Egyptian, Indian, Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian, and Chinese etc. How the laws of each society differ and overlap has whetted my curiosity and I hope by doing Master in Law, I’ll be able to gain a better understanding of law and thus of human societies.

Since after the completion of my law graduation I have invested my time in getting to know the practical implementation of what I have studied. Immediately after my classes ended, I joined civil law practitioner’s offices. For three months I received a firsthand experience of the court procedures and legal drafting. At the moment I am working as an internee at a Criminal and Service Laws office. Besides getting an exposure of the legal world I am getting an opportunity to do an extensive legal research and argumentation.

Other than law and reading, my life’s two main interests, my activities include spending time with, and making life a little easier, for my family, friends and others around me. I am no Abdul Sattar Edhi of Pakistan but in my little way I do whatever and whenever I can to help others. I believe I can best show my thankfulness for the privileges I have by sharing them with those less privileged.

This was the motivation behind my joining the college rotary club. As a member I have been actively involved in setting free medical camps at the underprivileged areas around the city. My role in bringing relief for the flood victims of the 2010 and 2011 flood in Punjab is a source of great satisfaction for me. The college has adopted a family of eighty orphaned children. For the past three years I have arranged funds and have tried to spend at least five hours a week at the orphanage. I have a large network of friends and wanted to do something more productive other than simply hanging out with them. I joined a blood bank and during the past four years have donated blood every three months, arranged blood and motivated most of my friends to join.

My leisure time activities are spending time at the web, particularly Facebook. I also enjoy experiencing different varieties of foods especially desi food and usually succeed in motivating my friends to arrange cook outs and bar-b-cues once a month. My grandfather is a master story teller and I love spending time with him, listening to the anecdotes from his past, comparing our views on what we have read and his thoughts on current happenings. I go for an occasional swim, though not enough to keep my weight under control. I am hoping to spend more time at the pool and gymnasium this summer.

I would conclude by quoting a famous saying that the battle of waterloo was won in the play grounds of Eton and Harrow. This thought illustrates the importance of not only the quality of education, but also of the role an institute plays in the formation of individuals and nations. I want to be at Queen Marry Law College because I believe it to be the best place for legal studies. A friend of mine who studied LLM from Queen Marry Law College shared his experience with me who further assured me that by going to Queen Marry Law College I would be getting the best of my time, money and efforts.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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