Letter of Intent Sample – 45 for MS

I, the undersigned, am seeking admission into University of Missouri at Rolla for an MS degree in Electrical Engineering, commencing fall 2001. I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics & Power (Electrical) Engineering for Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering (REC, Nagpur) and currently working as a graduate Trainee Engineer in a premise automobile manufacturing company in India, Baja Auto Ltd.

Science, logic, and their experimental verification have always fascinated me, and it was this fascination, which inspired me to choose Engineering as my career option. Moreover, my career options have always been influenced by a fascination for a research oriented career in an academic institution or industry. I feel that this will satiate my professional philosophy, while keeping me abreast with advances in technology.

Right from my childhood, I liked tinkering with objects. I always enjoyed analyzing and understanding the working of instruments and used to marvel the fact that man has been able to make so many good things using his brain. I always wanted to contribute my little bit towards these innovations and this led me take electrical engineering as my career objective. The four years that I spent for my Bachelor Degree in Engineering has been the most exciting phases of life so fare which provided me the opportunity to learn a number of amazing things.

I have consistently maintained good academic record. An analytical bent of mind combined with an aptitude for Mathematics & Sciences resulted in my securing 95.33% marks in my subject group (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) in Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination which got me selected into highly competitive Visvesvarya Regional College of Engineering college in central India and one of the top ten in India where admission is granted to only top 0.1% of the aspirants. Here at VRCE, studying in close association with students having similar interest and with teachers having in-depth knowledge of the subject, I developed a liking for research and this liking has transformed into a professional career objective in the span of four years.

My good academic record got me selected for our project tiled “Fault locator for overhead AC/EHV transmission line” under the guidance of Dr. Y.G.Pathankar. In these projects, a software solution in ‘C’ language was developed to determine the location of symmetric or UN symmetrical faults on an EHV transmission line. This software can be modified to determine faults in winding of transformers, motors & generators as well.

During my Third year B.E., I had also developed a Computer Aided Design of Single Phase Induction Motor. It Includes design software developed in “C”. In this, motor parameters are to be given as input & the software gives the detailed design of the motor.

Currently I am also working on the analysis of Automatic Tool Change (ATC) functioning & ATC restoration procedures under emergency conditions in various CNC machines in machine shop, 3-Wheeler Div., Auto Ltd.

Since last few months, I have been working in Bajaj Auto Ltd, which is the biggest manufacturers of 3-wheelers in world and fourth biggest manufacturers of 2-wheelers in Asia. It is a great learning experience to work in such a huge company. My stay here has made me aware of the various avenues for advanced work in the field and now I feel that I am much more mature than the time I had graduated. I strongly feel that the postgraduate degree at this stage would serve in honing my knowledge and make me fully prepared for advanced studies & research works.

My undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering exposed me to various aspects in the field. Interesting subjects such as Electronic Devices & Circuits, Digital Circuits and Microprocessors have further deepened my interest and reinforced my pursuit in this in this field. I would like to take my further studies in “circuits & electronics”.

The emergence of electronics as a leader responsible for rapid industrial growth, the revolutionary pace of innovations and an ongoing demand for professionals in this fields has motivated me to pursue my higher studies in ;Circuits & Electronics”. I have realized that keeping pace with the progress in this field demands absolute dedication coupled with a sound knowledge. Hence, I feel that graduate studies have become imperative for the person wishing to make his presence felt.

I also believe that sound graduate program would be of utmost importance for realizing my professional ambitions. The proximity of your program suits my interest. With its distinguished faculty, stress on research and state of the art facilities, your institution would definitely be the best place to realize my goals. I am aware of the kind of determination, team spirit and perseverance needed for a successful career in research. I strongly believe that the M.S. in Electrical Engineering program in University of Missouri at Rolla will serve as a lunching pad for me in achieving my goals and thereby doing my little bit for the improvement of mankind.

I look forward to joining your esteemed institution and thank you in anticipation.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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