Letter of Intent Sample – 43 for MS

I, Ms. B. Shanthi Rekha Reddy, finished Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications at Gulbarga University, Karnataka. As I set out to start a new phase of my life with the mixed feelings of joy at having privilege of being a part of the very best in the world and a heaviness in the heart at the thought of going far away from everything that I know and love, I know that one thing is for sure, a challenging and bright future beckons me, one that will bring out the best in me.

Right from my school I had a strong inclination for Math and Allied Sciences, which proved decisive in choosing a career in Engineering. Prior to my undergraduate school my educational background consists to ten years of school education with English as the medium of instruction.

This has been the foundation of my education and served as a platform on which ii developed a broad interest in Math and Sciences, which has resulted in my taking up Math, Physics and Chemistry as major subjects in the two year of Intermediate Education. The opportunity to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in the field Electronics and Communications came my way by dint of hard work I put in and secured a seat by appearing in the common Entrance Test. No topic in Electronics & Communications Engineering can be dealt within isolation from other topics within the subjects. This goes on to street the need of a through grounding in fundamentals and a grasp over the field sin relation to others in the subject, throwing up an interesting challenge, which I readily accepted. The tough curriculum of my undergraduate course has ensured that I become conversant in the governing principles expounding in the various courses such as Electronic Circuits, Communication, Microwave & Radar, Antenna Wave Propagation, Pulse Digital & Switch Circuits.

I have always aspired to choose a career that world mean work that really simulates me and holds a natural appeal for me. Today as I stand at the threshold of new pathways of learning, I have without hesitation chosen to pursue my Masters in the field of Electronics & Communications Engineering the field that extracts me the most and draws the best of my abilities. I am aware that interest alone does not suffice but it should me backed up my strong technical background which I feel has been provided to me.

It is my strong belief that the studies in your Institution will help me acquire the perceptual skills along with the advanced knowledge of the field, which I expected will prepare me to be a good research scholar higher education in your university would also enable me to realize and invaluable benefit of interest due to interest due to interaction with scholars from across the world.

I am aware of the arduous but challenging path ahead of me in my higher studies. At this moment I am confident of my abilities, competence and dedication in reaching my goal. I am fully convinced that my potential will groomed to a well-designed capacity to produce research of high quality under the expert guidance of distinguished faculty at your university.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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