Ever since from my childhood, I have been fascinated or rather overwhelmed by science and its creations. I had always considered it the most interesting subject which helped me answer many questions that grilled my mind. The more I studied, the more I got interested.

I, Rajeswari Subramaninan, strongly believe in these inspiring words. It has always kept the fire of determination burning in me and has inspired me against obstacles and hurdles. Right from my childhood, I have yearned to contribute an exemplary part towards

I am aware of the fact that the decision of graduate study after my Bachelor of Commerce will have impact in my life. However I find that I have no uncertainty in proceeding along a path that I had been planning over the last few years.

The present economical and technological liberalization has made many companies use information system and automation (information science) in order to successfully handle the competition from various foreign companies.

I am very interested in pursuing MS Information Technology at some good institute in United States of America. The following is a brief description of my academic background, my interests and my aspirations.

I wish to introduce myself as an ambitious and young electrical engineer with intense desire to improve knowledge and abundant stamina. I would like to seek to improve my skill in technical knowledge by taking up advanced courses in information system

A synchronization of all the thinking and the proper planning and implementation of planned activities is the basic goal of modern business management program. Servicing in this industry requires a high level of skills where leadership qualities and a moral high