Letter of Intent Sample – 29 for MS

I am aware of the fact that the decision of graduate study after my Bachelor of Commerce will have impact in my life. However I find that I have no uncertainty in proceeding along a path that I had been planning over the last few years.

I have the ambition of getting into the revered field of Management Information Systems from the very early stages of my study at the school level, keeping this in mind I had always worked hard. I secured 80% in the Secondary School Examination (10th class) and stood 2nd in my school. In the later period of my education I was forced by my parents to take the science group in which I was not interested, through my hard working I secured 72% in the Intermediate Public Examination (10+2) and was 5th overall in the science group of my college. The main achievement that I made was securing a seat in an agricultural university by getting a good rank 1940 out of 38000 aspirants.

As I was interested in my actual goal to achieve the master’s in Information Systems (MIS) shifted my educational career to acquire the required qualifications. I had my Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Applications from Sybertech, a renowned software training institute. There after I had my bachelor of commerce as a requirement for the Master’s and joined Master of Commerce continuing it till I step into your university. Although I had many family disturbances and tremendous pressure of looking the family accounts and financial matters, I continued with my education, I have part time job experience as a programmer and faculty in Ocean Soft Institute. Though I had altered my studies, my goal was mainly rested on the achievement of Master in Information Systems.

I strongly believe that the solution to a problem lies in the understanding of all the basic phenomena that underlie it. Needless to say, my undergraduate program and part time experience has laid a strong foundation of the basic principles and it is only proper that I attempt to explore the advance areas of this field with this basic knowledge.

I am confident that the qualities I have developed over these years, my passion for my studies and inspiration that I have drawn from all directions will help me in my endeavors. I am taught that one’s strength lies in knowing all his limitations. Ever since I have endeavored to know and rectify my weakness. My introspective nature has helped me towards this end. I have never hesitated to listen to my critics. I am by nature result oriented and given my best to provide results. I always worked hard with determination, dedication and sincerity.

I am a very passionate, driven and intense individual who thrives on both challenge and competition. Although I did not distinguish myself academically as an under graduate (distracted as I was by a difficult outside work schedule), I have had many opportunities in the intervening years to test my self in demanding situations and see that I am bright and highly capable. Indeed I have more then held my own while working with other graduates and computer professionals with substantially more experience and training than I. Fortunately, I am a quick study and I am able to grasp new ideas quite easily. I have strong interpersonal and communication skills. I tend to lead by example rather than charisma, although I am personable and seem to inspire loyalty in those who work with me. I have discovered in the professional world that I am a principle person whose integrity leads me, when faced with difficult decisions, to do right thing, keeping in mind how my actions impact other people.

My decision to earn MIS degree stems from my determination that I have specific needs that can best be met within the confines of a graduate business curriculum. I need more specific general management skills, a greater degree of expertise in data processing and computers and a broader knowledge of finance (as opposed to accounting) in order to progress in my career.

I am not sure how my interests for my subject were sown in me but it was built gradually, I feel that a graduate study, among other things, should encourage me to extend my knowledge on all frontiers with an unparalleled range of courses and eminent faculty. There can be no better place than your esteemed university for pursuing my graduate studies. Further, the opportunity to carry out research in an environment that is tailored to suit my needs made your esteemed university my obvious choice.

Ever since, my decision to do my higher studies, I have ascertained, over these two years, that a few universities in United States to be an ideal place for my studies. The information provided in your website and graduate application regarding the faculty and other facilities crated a great zeal in me and made me decide that if pursue my masters; it would be only in your university.

Your professors and high caliber faculty and student population would provide me with a challenging and highly stimulating environment in which to study. The interplay of ideas would be illuminating and provocative and the contacts I would establish within the school could only be assets to me as I continue my career. I believe my involvement in your research works will help me understand the intricacies of the Technology. I kindly request you to consider me for Admission and Financial aid with options of fellowship or tuition wavier or Research Assistant ship.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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