Letter of Intent Sample – 30 for MS

I, Rajeswari Subramaninan, strongly believe in these inspiring words. It has always kept the fire of determination burning in me and has inspired me against obstacles and hurdles. Right from my childhood, I have yearned to contribute an exemplary part towards the constructive developments of science and technology, for the benefit of my society. I believe that only an intensive study and comprehensive research work in my field of interest would put me on the right track to achieve my goals.

I took up my Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical & Electronics engineering at Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College (Affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimbatore) as I was prompted by the pivotal role of Electrical and Electronics in modernizing this world and its versatile nature. My intense focuses in my field of study with the aid of the excellent environment provided by my college of study and lectures by eminent personalities have rendered me with a strong foundation of the concepts and the capacity to build on them. I keenly concentrated on both the theoretical den practical aspects of my subjects, which helped me to be among the toppers of my class.

As a student of electrical & Electronics Engineering, I took deep interest in subjects like Analog and Digital electronic circuits, Microprocessors & Micro-controllers, Power Electronics and IC Design. My natural liking for electronic circuits and the inspiration provided by various technical articles and papers led me to take up a course on “VLSI design and VHDL programming’ at PSG College of Technology, Combinatory. It boosted my interests and as a result, I chose to do my project work on “Smart card design using VHDL programming’ and I have successfully implemented it along with my counterparts. I always believe din’ Learning by doing’ which has always interested me in understanding the practical aspects of any subject. In my pursuit of acquiring practical knowledge, I underwent a training program at UMS Radio Factory, this, together with the various industrial visits all over India has reinforced my practical knowledge.

To add credit to my knowledge and interest, I took up 2-year course at APTECH Computer Education, a renowned institution and completed it. I am versed with languages such as C, C++, UNIX, ORACLE 8.0 and Developer 2000. I am capable of working in both DOS and WINDOWS environments. I am also exposed to concepts such us Network Technologies and Objects Oriented Analysis & Design. At present I am pursuing a Course on JAVA and Web Designing concepts, which would help me to put forth my ideas effectively.

I am very much interested in specializing myself in the field of Integrated Electronics, focusing on VLSI Circuits and Design. After Completing the Master’s Level course, I wish to devote myself to comprehensive research work, which is useful to mankind. I appreciate the amount of challenge and innovation involved in it.

The well-qualified and experienced faculty, excellent laboratory facilities, exceptional research work and the inspiration given to students at your university would provide me with an ideal platform for achieving my goals. I look upon the graduate program in your department as an avenue to hone my skills and to help me reach the culmination of my scientific career.

I assure you that I would keep up my diligence and good demeanor during the course. I hope you find my purpose definitive and I fit in to your image of a promising student. I look forward to prove myself.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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