Letter of Intent Sample – 22 for MS

First I would like to introduce myself. My name is S.R. Ashok and I come from Bangalore City. Being in such a hi-tech into savvy city where information technology is the air that majority of the people breath from dawn to dusk, it was not unusual for me to get attracted to the irresistible field of information technology.

It was during my 8th grade that my prime area of interest channeled towards the area of computer technology. When I was first introduced to the basic concepts of computer sciences. That was when the challenges of computing and information technology enlightened and grasped my mind. At that time the fact that a single computer can do such a variety of jobs was immensely quizzical to me and they aroused immense curiosity and I became increasingly interested in them.

Thus, as a high schooler my ideological focus and dedication helped me in securing a place in the science department of Sri Sumatran’s pre university college. That was my first channelized step towards my goals of research in the field of computer technology. Later this interest was given almighty boost by the lecturer’s who helped me a lot in fixing my interest in the field of computers.

My interests and goals further strengthened when I was awarded the bachelors seat in the computer science Department of Maland College of engineering, Mysore University.

During my bachelors course I was given a lot of opportunities to pursue my research oriented goals and feed my knowledge thirst mind. With the latest and necessary technology my research oriented goals bore fruit when I was allowed to make presentation in seminars and symposiums in our college on subjects such as “Internet Applications” and many other interesting subjects like “Operating Systems” and “Computer Architecture” to name a few.

Presenting papers on these gave me that extra confidence to achieve more and from then on I have never looked back.

During my bachelors course I had the opportunity strengthening my basic in the following fields: Operating systems; Data base management systems; graphical theories coupled with practical knowledge;

Computer architecture and advanced architecture provided the necessary insight into the computer system; computer networks, gave the know how of the networking field; further parallel computing concepts as an elective course in the final semester came as an welcome introduction to the fascinating field of super computers and their working. Further the concepts of artificial intelligence the area dealing with the interesting field of thinking computers were through in which we learnt various logarithms and implemented them. System simulation when combined with artificial intelligence worked wonders when I realized the ways of modeling all real life systems.

My project work in the final semester was an Internet application called “Dynamic Information Retriever” which was implemented in java language. This application is useful in transferring dynamically changing data to the web users by updating the information in the server.

When I went thru the prospectus of your esteemed institution, I found that your institution would provide just the right ambience for the research works in various branches of computer sciences, and in such a setting with the valuable guidance of the faculty members, knowledge can be nurtured and canalized in a proper way so that the knowledge can be used for the betterment of human kind.

By attending the graduate curriculum in your esteemed institution, I not only intend to quench my thirst for more and advanced knowledge but I also intend to gain the invaluable international exposure in the field of computers in a nation that is most advanced in computer technology. Moreover with your esteemed institution teaching expertise in the field of computers it would be a dream come true to study in your institution.

At this instant I want to reveal my personal goals for next two years: I am very much eager to take on the responsibilities that will be conferred on me and I shall put in my 100% efforts to achieve whatever is expected of me by my professors, and I would like to pledge that I will level no cards unturned in earring a good name for your university.

Finally I would like to conclude my statement of purpose by mentioning that I have opened myself honestly giving all the information that I feel is worth discussing. With all the above information I feel that I have represented my goals and myself clearly enough to be considered for admission in your esteemed institution.
I am absolutely confident that I will be given an opportunity to study in your institution.

Eagerly awaiting a positive reply from your esteemed institution.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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