Letter of Intent Sample – 20 for MBA

I, Dr. Anupriya Anadure, would like to cover the statement of purpose under the following heads:

A. Undergraduate work
B. Areas of interest
C. Career goals

A. Undergraduate work
I am an undergraduate program at M.R. Medical College, Gulbarga University (Karnataka, India) with Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree (10+2+4 1/2 years) I have also completed one year of mandatory internship at Govt. K.C. General. Hospital, Bangalore. (10+2+4 ½ year).

  1. Academic Studies
    The under graduate program at M. R. Medical College, Gulbarga was a very interesting and highly professional. Right from the first year dissection table with cadavers to final year’s individual case studies, giving treatment and advice to the patients was very enthralling. As a part of our study curriculum, the various visits to the Public Health Organizations like – visit to City Corporation Health Section (Birth & Death), Primary Health Centers, District T.B. Centers, District Leprosy Centers, State Home for Women, gave me good exposure and in-depth insight into the health problems faced by wider cross section of people. It was very evident that all dreaded infections and communicable diseases could be prevented at the grass root level with proper care and efficient management of health care services.
  2. Child Welfare Program
    Conducted school health surveys including Blind School, Deaf and Dumb School and through simple charts / diagrams emphasized the importance of balanced diet, cleanliness and hygiene, educated their parents about the immunization schedule for children.
  3. Village Survey
    Surveyed Rajapur Village at Gulbarga, gave them proper education, advice and made them aware regarding their health and related matters. Went door to door to visit pregnant mothers and gave proper antenatal care and advice. Conducted dramas, plays in their local language and with the help of audio visual aids, even conducted small informative entertainment program. The efforts we put in were fruitful and there was a remarkable improvement in the health status of the villagers as witnessed by the significant drop in number of in / out patients.
  4. Co-Curricular Activities
    I have been a keen sports person, played TT, badminton, volleyball and represented college at regional level several times. I represented college for Extempore Elocution Competition, Group Singing and Group Dance. I have successfully conducted various college functions as a Master of Ceremony (Anchor). I was adjudged as ‘Queen of wits’ in the Mock Press Competition held in my college. I, along with the Rotary International Club members rendered services at free Medical Health Camps. Donated blood several times at Blood Donation Camps and actively participated in the rally organized for the polio victim children.

B. Areas of Interest
During my undergraduate studies I noticed a vicious cycle that is prevalent in most rural parts of my country (India). This cycle of lack of education, poor socio-economic status, leading to low purchasing power, poor sanitary conditions all of which ultimately lead to imbalanced diet, causing nutritional disorders and infections. This was the field, which I realized had serious lacunae, and was not being efficiently managed. I was drawn towards this subject (Community Health & Care) and developed a special interest for the same. I sincerely believe that with proper managerial skills a lot can be done to improve the health status of the community.

C. Career Goals
I want to pursue a career of research and teaching in Health Care, which appeals to me the most. My main aim in life is to impart proper health education, awareness among individuals and make them realize the importance of health care which can completely abolish the emerging infectious diseases like HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis B, Viral infections, polio attacks, Tuberculosis, Leprosy etc. – My greatest weakness is I can’t see the suffering and ailments of destitute, ignorant and old people. My life will be worthwhile if I succeed in breaking the vicious cycle and bring forth a nation with healthy individuals with sound minds working towards a healthier and stronger INDIA.

I find that your University has excellent research facilities, distinguished faculty, and a very good graduate program in MBA – Health Care Administration. With a good academic background and insatiable urge to do research, I am quite confident of contributing significantly in promoting the research objectives of your esteemed university. I eagerly look forward to being a part of your esteemed academic fraternity.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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