List of University in Scotland

This is a list of universities in Scotland. Universities in Scotland includes all universities and university colleges in Scotland, founded between the fifteenth century and the present day.

The first university college in Scotland was founded at St John’s College, St Andrews in 1418 by Henry Wardlaw, bishop of St. Andrews. St Salvator’s College was added to St. Andrews in 1450. The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451 and King’s College, Aberdeen in 1495. St Leonard’s College was founded in St Andrews in 1511 and St John’s College was re-founded as St Mary’s College, St Andrews in 1538, as a Humanist academy for the training of clerics. Public lectures that were established in Edinburgh in the 1540s, would eventually become the University of Edinburgh in 1582.

Alphabetically list of university in Scotland

University by country

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