List of University in Croatia

All larger universities in Croatia are composed of independent “faculties” (Croatian fakultet, meaning college or department). Each independent college or department maintains its own administration, professional staff (also known as a “Faculty”) and campus. The colleges focus on specific areas of learning: Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Law, Engineering, Economy, Architecture, Medicine, and so on. Although a university’s colleges or departments are usually located in the same city as the administration of the university, sometimes they are not. For example, Zagreb University’s Faculty of Metallurgy is located in the city of Sisak. The universities of Dubrovnik, Pula and Zadar do not have independent colleges.

Students can enroll into two basic kinds of higher education in Croatia:

  • Polytechnic schools
  • Universities

The distinction between the programs taught at universities and polytechnics used to be the length of studies and the final classification of the students – but this line is being blurred by the implementation of the Bologna process. Previously, the polytechnic approximately matched the German concept of Fachhochschule.

Alphabetically list of university in Croatia

University by country

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