Letter of Intent Sample – 55 for MS

It is natural for a human to dream and to be inquisitive.
It is the inspiration by nature that initiatives the process of learning.
It’s through learning that knowledge is acquired.
Implementation of this knowledge fulfills the human ambitions.

Born to educated parents, my schooling started at the age of five. I was enrolled into The Hyderabad Public School, a center reputed for high standards of education and discipline. The well-equipped labs and faculty helped the students gain more in-depth knowledge and hands on experience. The curriculum emphasized on the overall development of a student.

It was in my eighth year that a new instrument in my household generated a high level of curiosity in me. The Telephone enthralled me. I could speak to my uncle in the United States, which was on the other part of the world. How was it possible? Curiosity motivated me into learning more about how this instrument worked. The Television and the images relayed by the Metro Department introduced me to Satellites. I was looking for answers and one vague answer; “It’s All Electronics” sealed my choice. I decided to pursue my further education in the field of Electronics & Communications. When I was aged 14, the advent of Computers into India homes exposed me to IC’s, VLSI and Software. The fabrication and functions of IC’s baffled and fascinated me. Though the technology was beyond my intellectual capabilities, it strengthened and nurtured my penchant for electronics.

I passed out of high school with 86% and chose Moths, Physics and Chemistry to furnish myself with the fundamentals required for my undergraduate course of study. After two years of intermediate education I took the qualifying test and secured a place in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, the Manipal Institute of Technology. The college is affiliated to The Mangalore University and is considered to be one of the most prestigious, private institutions in India. The initial course provided answers to my basic questions and a brief insight of electronics. I was flabbergasted by the magic woven by two fantastic digits, the Zero and the One. In the first six semesters, apart from the fundamentals in subjects such as Communication Systems, Microprocessor and their programming, Digital Electronics, Control Systems and Networks, I also acquired the faculty essential for higher studies and research. Communication systems and Networks were incontrovertibly the most interesting of the lot. I am also trained in the use of packages like Circuit Maker, Pspice and Matlab.

To gain practical knowledge and a feel of the industry environment, I underwent practical training for a period of 6 weeks in the Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. (a Govt of India enterprise). I worked in the various technical department of the firm dealing with varied electronic applications. For a period of three weeks, I was placed in the ATC division that is involved in the design, operation and maintenance of apparatus used in air traffic control. Optical fiber technology and Data communication were my electives in the last two semesters of the course. These subjects helped me probe deeper into the field of high-speed communication and Data Processing. The Internet inculcated in me enthusiasm and an enhanced interest in the concepts of Networking, Data processing, Data Security and a flair for graphics and web designing.

The very slow speed and minimal download rate at home and college made me think of how to enhance speed using the existing resources. My major project was the development of an ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscribers Line) Modem. I was involved in the planning, design, assembly and programming aspects of the project. My team and I demonstrated a speed of 236kbps as against the 56.6 kbps conventional modem. This project was successful and acclaimed by our professors. In my final semester, I was a Teaching Assistant in the Communication lab. To complement my formal education, I learnt computer programming using languages such as C, C++, and JAVA. I have always been in the top 10% in my class through out my educational career and I will strive to keep up my academic record.

I was a part of the IEEE Student Branch of my college. The branch provided me many opportunities to attend technical workshops and seminars conducted by eminent personalities. I contributed to the organization of a Technical Festival and workshops for juniors. These workshops helped me gain some teaching experience. I presented a paper on ADSL Modems at a Technical Meet held in The Regional engineering college, Scrotal, India. I was a member of the Tennis team, Photography club, the LEO club and the Quiz Circle of my college.

As constant improvisation and development of innovative Technologies lead to the erosion of the older versions, I like to be in tandem with the latest technology. I want to learn, satiate my never-ending curiosity in electronics and make the optimum use of Technology. This calls for a higher level of knowledge, expertise and capacity to research extensively. I want to enroll in to a Master’s Program (MS) that will, to a great extent accoutre and assist me in realizing my goal. I would like to research, specialize in the field of Communication Systems and Networking for which I have an inherent proclivity and contribute significantly to the field of my interest.

After reading through the graduate program literature and the department website, I am convinced the faculty and the facilities in your university are excellent and the environment is highly conducive for education and research. Thus, I strongly desire to continue my further education and research at your university. If given an opportunity, I assure you my dedication and diligence and my desire to excel would allow me to make a remarkable contribution to the university.

If Intellect can find the right question, learning and research help find the answer. I want to search for answers to all my questions for I believe “Seek and thou shall find”

Looking forward to Graduate Studies at your esteemed University.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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