Letter of Intent Sample – 9 for MBA

With the drive, determination, and discipline to work at my career and attend an MBA program, I am keen to pursue the high quality MBA. Interested in acquiring the expanded skill set and technical knowledge necessary to start a Real Estate Finance Company, the MBA program will prove central to my future success.

As architecture major in college at Bombay University, I was introduced to a wide gamut of subjects, both in and outside the field. I developed excellent analytical skills, improved my problem-solving ability, and developed strong team abilities. I joined Bijoy Jain and Associates one of the well-known architectural firm in Bombay, to accumulate real-world experience and to develop insight into various aspects of architecture discipline. Because of my outstanding work performance, within a year I moved from a designer’s position to an assistant project manager. I was chosen to attend various meetings with clients and local governmental bodies such as BMRD and MAHADA. It is highly unusual for a young associate to represent the company at such events, and my self-confidence-as well as my management skills-was further enhanced by that successful experiences. I gleaned the subtle meaning of being a professional.

Keeping in mind my career goal I later joined Pankti Developers. At Pankti Developers I was the youngest project architect in one of the largest real estate firm in the city. Constantly juggling multiple projects and directing different teams of engineers, clients, government officials, and contractors to meet tight budget restrictions and deadlines fostered my strong project management skills and gave me an in-depth knowledge of architecture and construction. Here I realized that town planning (or non-planning) is led by corporation where the government and the general populace, have little of the required capital and have little say. As the moral duty of an architect I took upon myself the task to make a difference to the existing situation. This experience further strengthened my career goal.

After almost two years at Ajbani+Gada Associates as a partner where I am gaining solid experiences in operations, product development, and project management. I am once again seeking career advancement and look of elevated learning. My education and work experience have provided me with an excellent introduction to business, and they have speared my interest in finance but I never had the opportunity to take courses exploring business strategy, finance, or economics. Taking into consideration my foundation and my interest, graduate business school is the next logical step. In order to achiev4e my career goal, I require more than experience; I need to gain a more systematic knowledge base in business development, more importantly, I need to procure a foundation entrepreneurship and finance, as each represents an essential skill necessary for the success of this real estate finance company I have envisioned.

An extremely distinguished faculty, a milieu replete with academic activity, emphasis on cross-function and cross-cultural team learning and cross-cultural team learning and goal to create leaders and agents of change are the factors which have motivated me to choose this school of Business. The School’s curriculum and hands-on experiences through associations, internships and the management field study provide a balance between theory and real world application, as demonstrated by the varety and success of its alumni. Further, the School’s flexible program allow students to choose form wide range of elective courses that will allow me to tailor my course of study directly to my career interests.

At the business school, I know that my investment of time, energy, and money will be well rewarded. At this point in my life, I believe I have great potential to gain much from a business degree since I have been exposed to the business environment for the past four years. I now posses a strong foundation to build upon and my chances of ascent would be strengthened by a MBA. MBA program will not only allow me to strengthen my base but also broaden my knowledge and understanding of business issues. It will give me an in depth view of business from varying perspective like management, legal, economic, and financial. In addition the program will prepare me for a high-level managerial position in the real estate industry and a future start up

Upon graduation from the business school, I intend to move into general management in real estate companies such as Palladium Collin & Jardin. My three-give years plan is to gain experience in various aspects of the real estate business including business development, finance, operations and strategy and to establish my credibility in running a medium-sized organization. This would also expose me to the workings and deals conducted in the international environment. Ultimately, I am interested in engineering a solution to this complex problem of the spiraling real estate prices and the development of the metropolitan cities in Indian by starting my own real estate firm in India. The MBA program is the perfect bridge from where I am to where I want to be.

As a MBA student, I will contribute the knowledge and skills I have gained not only through school and work but also through athletics and adventure travel. My athletic training has taught me to pursue goals individually as well as while part of a team. And my adventure trips have trained me to quickly adapt to the changes and to be persistent without losing the sight of the goal. As a hard core trekker I know the fact the journey to achieving the goal is as important as the goal itself. Although I realize my time in business school will be very busy, I intend to continue to pursue the interests I have developed during the past few years. I will share with my fellow students my unusual experiences, such as founding a Trekking club while at business school. I look forward to continuing on the trails and paths around the school.

I see in your institution a top quality business school, able to provide me with the opportunities to gain the knowledge I need for my future in addition to putting me in contact with an enormously diverse student environment. Moreover, my background and my drive to succeed will allow me to flourish in the MBA program; I am ready to assume the rigors and challenges of the MBA program.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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