Letter of Intent Sample – 66 for MS

I (XYZ) am happy to write this Statement of Purpose to express my great interest towards pursuing my Masters in the field of Metallurgical and Material Science Engineering. I am currently pursuing B.Tech (undergraduate programme) in the area of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, (Affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University), Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

My interest in the field of Metallurgy and Materials Sciences started with the observation of Micro-structures of different materials which possess unique qualities of their own like fatigue and creep resistance, corrosion resistance and strength etc., and further aroused by analyzing the improved properties upon treatments like mechanical working, alloying additions and heat treatments. I used to really wonder how these mechanical properties in materials increment and was very keen to know their mechanisms. My first practical approach in this field has started with a Metallurgical microscope where I observed the micro-structures of heat treated Steels as explained by my teacher. It is particularly in this field that the information conveyed through the figures is beyond any imaginative domains.

I enjoyed the privilege of studying different areas of Metallurgical and Materials Science such as Physical Metallurgy, Mechanical Metallurgy, Superalloys, Mechanical Working of Metals, Heat Treatment Technology, Ceramics, Composite materials, Steel and Iron Production and several others during my undergraduate programme. I was enthralled by the deepness of the subject that relates to different Structure- Property correlations, Light metals and their alloys, Fabrication processes, Forging and forming processes etc.

During my B.Tech II year summer vacation, I got an opportunity to have training at School of Engineering Sciences and Technology, University of Hyderabad as Prof.T.R.Anantharaman Education and Research Foundation Intern. During the training period, I have deposited a Niobium Nitride coating over a glass substrate and characterized the sample. Also I attended a crash course on Surface Engineering which made me exposed to a new area called Coatings. Working on the Micro-structure of Super alloys during my III year project improved my understanding on the Mechanical metallurgy and strengthening mechanisms. A simultaneous literature survey helped me analyze the different phases and compositions of super alloys. The topic was so challenging that given an opportunity I would continue pursuing my Masters in the same area.

As we are all aware, that many critical applications demand stringent materials requirement and perhaps, it may be the reason for which I would like to pursue my Masters in Super alloys and/or any of its allied fields like High Temperature Materials etc.

As I was about to complete my B.Tech programme, I started searching for Universities across the world for my MS programme. Since, Germany occupies a key position in producing the best students from different established and long live Universities in the area of Metallurgy, Mechanical and Industrial Production sectors; I am really amazed to study in Germany under international standards so that I can justify my area of interest. An advanced degree in Metallurgy will be a step towards my pursuit of academic excellence and I am sure it will give me the right impetus and required acumen for reacting at the pinnacle of my career in future.

At this juncture, I came to know that your esteemed University is offering different courses under Metallurgical and Material Sciences. Having been established for several long years, I sincerely feel that your University possesses an intellectually stimulating atmosphere for both MS and research. For this very good reason, having given an opportunity to be a part of your institute, I would definitely try to reach to the peaks of my imagination and goal to develop myself as a research scientist in the area of my specialization for which act of kindness I shall be highly thankful to you for doing so.

I will be eagerly awaiting an opportunity for admission into your esteemed University with possible financial aid.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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