Letter of Intent Sample – 61 for MS

I belong to an agricultural country, Pakistan, where 75% of the population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. Since the days of my childhood, I had the fortune to live close to Nature, thus natural resources, as I belong to a small village near Chenab River. This interaction must have sown the seeds of my fascination for agriculture.

Looking into the resources, essential for agriculture, water resources are inevitable. Food, feed, and shelter requirements are increasing rapidly with the increase in population of our world and on the other hand water resources are becoming scarcer to come up with these responsibilities. In this way it is highly required to manage these resources in best possible way and to contribute towards sustainability. Being an Agricultural engineer, I think myself capable of contributing towards managing this unavoidable resource, the Water.

Since I was determined to achieve my dream career, I planned carefully and chose Biology and Mathematics at my Secondary and Higher Secondary School Levels and passed with very good grades. Throughout my school days, I maintained outstanding academic records to accomplish my dreams. I had the good fortune to pursue my course for Bachelor degree in Agricultural Engineering in 2001 at, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF), Pakistan, an institution that happens to be the pioneer in agricultural sciences in Asia. The exposure, I received there strengthened my ambitions to further explore the field of Agriculture.

The courses, I studied at UAF was multi faceted in its contents: Basic Agriculture, Fluid Mechanics, Salt Affected Soils and Water Quality, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Ground Water Hydrology, Open Channel Hydraulics, Soil Mechanics, Energy Resources and Utilization, Environmental Engineering, Water Quality Management are to just name a few out of those. My deep rooted interest in this field has enabled me to obtain very good marks and I was awarded Merit Scholarship at UAF. Such a versatile course designing has made me confident to pursue a masters in the field of Water Resources Engineering and Management.

During my Bachelor studies, I had some interesting tours in some of the reputed industries and research institutes of Pakistan like Punjab Agricultural Research council (PARC), Farm mechanization Institute (FMI), Agricultural Mechanization and Research Institute (AMRI), National Agricultural Research Council (NARC), and Farm Machinery Manufacturer Companies like KSB Pumps Ltd., Golden Pumps Ltd., Millat Tractors Ltd. etc.

After completing my degree in the year 2005, I joined Golden Pumps Ltd, an agricultural and industrial pumps manufacturing company, as a Production Engineer where I have been involved in designing and fabrication of centrifugal pumps and deep well turbines. Later on in 2006, I was appointed as junior executive in Marketing Division of Massey Ferguson, Pakistan (Millat Tractors Ltd), a market leader of the tractor industry in Pakistan. I am successfully involved in monitoring and developing the dealerships and after-sales network in seven districts of Punjab province and have been declared the “Top Performer” in the years 2007 and 2010. I have conducted intensive training programs, test and trial of the new products to be added to the product line and field demonstrations of almost all of MF-300 and

MF-400 series tractors. I have also pleasure of visiting some sugarcane and rice farms at Brazil where I had an opportunity to learn about farm irrigation practices and techniques being used by the farming community in South America. After more than four years of work experience at Millat Tractors and being promoted as an Assistant Manager, I thought to improve my understanding about the subject by getting further education in some renowned educational institute of international reputation.

In this era of globalization economic prosperities of the countries are interrelated. Pakistan has now essentially exhausted its available water resources and is on the verge of becoming a water deficit country. Like wise, electricity shortfall has increased up to 3000 Mega Watts as hydro-power is almost the only source of power generation. Although, Pakistan has rich fertile soils that can contribute towards food production for the increasing global population but in current situation it becomes difficult to take advantage of such resources and eradicate poverty and hunger in the world. Being an agricultural country, Pakistan is a good market of German agricultural machinery like earth moving machines and tractors. The annual market potential of Pakistan is more than 65000 medium HP-tractors. Likewise, the water resources management and hydro-power sector in Pakistan is also an emerging area where trained manpower form developed countries including Germany might play an important role.

As I came to know about the excellent teaching faculty, outstanding experiment facilities, and healthy educational environment of the University of Stuttgart, I was urged to pursue my further studies and build my career in that esteemed Institute. I am fully convinced that masters in WAREM at University of Stuttgart will provide me the required knowledge to fulfill my dreams about becoming a water resources consultant. I belong to a poor family in Pakistan and my father is a retired public servant whose monthly pension is about 20,000 Pakistani Rupees (200 €) with which he is running my whole family. Since very beginning, I had a burning desire to get higher qualification from an international renowned Institute. But my financial status is a big hurdle for me to fulfill this dream. This is why I am looking for financial support from IPSWaT to carry out my studies in Germany.

I hope that you will provide me the opportunity to prove my worth and be a credit to the University.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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