Letter of Intent Sample – 60 for MS


My interest in Electrical and Electrical dates back the early days of my high school. My career objective is to pursuer research in the field of Electrical Engineering. I am of firm conviction that’s suitable opportunity to pursue graduate studies will help in my endeavor towards realizing my goal, paving the path for self-actualization.

Plans For Graduate Studies

My interests primarily include power system protection and switch gears, High voltage engineering and Programmable logic controllers. In particular the topic protective relaying has evinced teen interest and thoroughly fascinated me. I believe graduate studies would provide me with a better understanding of these topics enabling me to contribute immensely to this arena.

Academic Background

My school life has a tremendous impact on my personality, right from my kinder grain and my teacher liked me for my good performance and politeness. My innate strength has always been mathematics and physics and I opted for the same in my 10+2 level. My nascent attraction to the field of Electrical & Electronics can be traced that to thee days. During these days I have participated in various group discussions and seminars in the same field. I was placed in the top 1% of approximately 70,000 students who took TCET, a state level entrance exam for Engineering, for which I got admission into RMK Engineering College, one of the most respected and premiere colleges in the state.

The first two years of my engineering studies involved basic of Electrical & Electronics Engineering like Electrical Technology, Transmission and distribution, Electronic devices. I also obtained a firm foundation in Engineering mathematics through rigorous courses in differential equations, lap lace transforms, Fourier transforms, 3Dgeometry complex variables and numerical analysis.

In my seventh semester, I had done a project title “Design and Fabrication of Water Level Indicator” with Andhra Prudish State Irrigation and Development Corporation which is very prestigious and respected organization in the country. The project was aided by the Government of Netherlands. In the project we designed a water level indicator which is portable, economical and accurate in measuring the depths of water.

Activities Beyond Curriculum

My interest beyond his curriculum included a variety o fields from sports to theater to adventure and social activities. Once of my favorite fields was theater where in I regularly participated in all dreams and educational programs for youngsters and illiterates.

I was equally involved in organizing seminars and providing the junior students with valuable assistance in their laboratory activities.

I am an avid lover of nature and also have penchant for adventures. This also lead ad many adventure camps wherein I had the opportunity to mix with students of different regions and had a chance of exchanging our ideas bringing about a blend of new ideas and helping us develop new dimensions of though.

My Traits

I am hardworking, scrupulous and sincere by nature with a strong penchant for learning. I derive satisfaction from dedicated work and filmy believe that dedication, deference and diligence are surest means of reaping the benefits. I am clam and good –humored by nature with abilities to work individually as well as in a group. Being a cheerful person with an optimistic outlook confront success and failure with equanimity. These qualities have kept me in a good stead all along and are sure will continue to abide by me.

My Goals

I am fiercely determined to contribute significantly to the field of my study. I am fairly convinced that my pursuing masters at your esteemed university will give me in-depth knowledge of this field and make me competent for the task at hand. I sincerely believe that this is going to help me in endeavor towards achieving self-actualization and ultimate goal of every human being useful to fellow human being and future generations even in an infinitesimally small way and the satisfaction of helping them to lead a better life.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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