Letter of Intent Sample – 59 for MS

A quality undergraduate program, in Electronics and Communication Engineering, from the nation’s premier institute of Technology, Sri Venkateswara University, has exposed me to the fascinating world of Electronics. A spirit to explore the frontiers of knowledge motivates me to go in for higher studies. I view graduate study as an opportunity to combine theoretical study with research work and thus place my knowledge of Engineering and Sciences in a practical context. I would like to experience the thrill of discovery, rewards of research work and the sheer joy of grasping intricate concepts, which graduate study promises.

I wish to pursue graduate study in Micro Electronics. My predilection for Mathematics and Physical in School has engendered the choice of Electronics and communication engineering as an undergraduate major. My interest in Micro Electronics has been triggered by my work in Hardware Laboratory, where I developed a keen interest in Integrated Circuits and Computer Hardware. The recent explosion of ideas and exciting trends that are emerging make me feel that Graduate study in this area would be stimulating and challenging.

Right from my school days, I was encouraged to take part in extra curricular activities. For the past 12 years I was my class representative and represented my class in dramatic and quiz events. I have represented my under graduate college in various literary and cultural events winning numerous prizes.

I possess a strong academic preparation to back up my ambition. I have taken the courses in Electrical Circuits And Networks, Electronic Devices And Basic Circuits, Fields Lines And Waves, Signals And systems, Microprocessors And Applications, Analog Circuits, Pulse and Digital Signal Processing, Microwave Techniques, Computer Organization and Electronic Instrumentation And Measurements.

Before I realize my objective of becoming a researcher-cum-teacher, I will need additional study and training in a different environment, graduate study at a reputed University with a large scope for research in my areas of interest would be immensely helpful. I would thus value a research or teaching assistant ship very much as this would contribute significantly to the realization of my goal and would give me an opportunity to associate myself with current themes in Research Methodologies. It would also give me a chance to broaden my perspective and contribute to my area of specialization of my doctoral thesis, which of course is my ultimate goal.

A graduate degree in an American University is the best kind of further education for me at this point, because of the great amount of flexibility incorporated within the learning system, its infrastructure, the vivid interaction with the industry and exposure to the latest technology. Under such conditions, Research, being fundamental, would be highly beneficial.

My ambitions extend far beyond the acquisition of degree. I want to make a mark a field as a pioneer of new ideas. Given an opportunity in the highly conducive atmosphere that your esteemed University provides I am confident of success.

All my ambitions hang on tenuous threads of financial assistance for I belong to an Indian middle class family. Financial aid is of prime importance in the determination of my future and I sincerely hope that financial aspect of e education will not, in any way, hinder the realization o f my dreams.

I look forward to an exciting period of graduate program at your University, which is a vital step in my career.

Thank you for this opportunity to express myself.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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