Letter of Intent Sample – 58 for MS

As the one having a bright record throughout the student life. I wanted to opt for technically challenging and fulfilling career. The excitement of setting a goal and solving it by new scientific techniques and innovations with a single-minded devotion has fascinated me ever since and has led me to choose engineering as my fission. And now I feel that I will justice to both myself and to the quality of undergraduate education being offered to me by pursuing graduate studies and delving into further research. I take this opportunity to describe my educational background and career objectives, which have motivated me to pursue research career in Electrical Engineering.

Why Engineering?

From a young age question like why? And how? For the things made me pursue my studies in Science and due to my keen interest and due to my keen interest and motivation I scored a brilliant aggregate of 95% in my class With CBSE Board Examination in Physics, Moths and Chemistry (1), with a special Certificate of Merit in Chemistry from CBSE for standing amongst the top 0.1% students across the whole nation (*2).

My interest in Electronics blossomed in my high school years. It was the time when technology was just starting to make an impact on them lives of the people of India. This prompted me to pursue the field of engineering and opt for Electronics and Communication Engineering as my branch of study. I got admission to Regina Engineering College, Maulana Azad College of Technology, Bhopal, India, which stand among the top sixteen institutes of the country after the Indian Institutes of Technology, on the basis of statewide competitive entrance exam, the Pre Engineering Test, which was taken by nearly 60000 students. I was allotted the Electronics and Communication Engineering branch on a highly competitive basis, which was awarded to only 15 students from the entire state of Madhya Pradesh.

My Undergraduate Studies

My undergraduate program has given me a strong background in the fundamentals of various Electronics subjects’ life Digital Electronics, Integrated Electronics, Microprocessors, Microwave Engineering. Etc and Communication Engineering topics like Analog Communication, Digital Communication, Information Theory, Coding Theory etc. As an undergraduate student I have found keen interest in the subjects of Communication Engineering in particular, which has stimulated me to take up further specialized studies in this field.

I have also completed the course of Diploma in Advanced Software Technology from CMC Ltd., A Govt. of India Enterprise, Bhopal, simultaneously, which apart from giving me deep knowledge of software programming and new technologies has further enhanced my analytical skills and understanding of algorithms.

Industrial Training

Due to my deep inclination towards Communication Engineering I underwent a six weeks of industrial training at Optel Telecommunications Ltd., Which gave me a great insight to the various aspects of optical fiber communication and design of various communication equipment and devices. I have also completed three weeks as undergraduate trainee in the Department of Telecommunications, Govt. of India, and Bhopal. I developed deep understanding of the functioning and maintenance of internet node servers including the concepts of rutting, ISDN, BSDN, WAP etc.

Kproject Work & Relevant Experience

My interest in Signal Processing has led me to choose Digital Signal Processing as my major elective in the seventh semester. My project entitled “Compression of various Data Compression Techniques including Wavelet Transform Technique” was my first step towards my area of interest. It compares the various date compression techniques to that of Wavelet Transform technique on the criteria of loss of data and degree of compression by compressing and decompressing various data and image files using their algorithms. During the course of this project I have referred to various technical manuals, journals and specialized boos and texts in addition to my course reference material which had given me profound knowledge on various relevant topics like data compression, data security, wavelet transforms and also genetic algorithm to a fair extent. In line with my deep interest in Communication Engineering, I have written a technical paper entitled “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication” which has fetched me the Best Paper Award at “INRMAAN 2000” (*3), the technical seminar at Regional Engineering college, Nagpur, India and have presented technical papers at other for a too (Please see resume).

My Research Are Of Interest

I have realized that the area of Communication and Signal processing is highly challenging and a budding field which offers a tremendous scope for learning and development. Mere undergraduate knowledge is not sufficient in today’s world of super specialization. Thus, even though I have been offered a job by Infosys Technologies Ltd., a leading Indian software giant, on the basis of a two level selection process, I have divided to forgo it forgo it for pursuing graduate studies. With undergraduate course as my base and my relevant knowledge in the field of communication and Signal Processing, I now desire to pursuer Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Majoring in Communication and Signal Processing. After my Master’s degree I wish to pursue doctoral studies in the same field which would enable me to realize my potential to the maximum.

I feel that your university has a distinguished faculty and excellent infrastructural and research facilities. The research areas and extensive laboratories will open doors of wealth of knowledge and would be a highly enriching and enjoyable experience for me. I have a lot to offer and a lot to learn as a graduate student. I strongly believe that my academic background, aptitude and skills would raise up to the standards of your students and research scholars.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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