Letter of Intent Sample – 57 for MS

As soon as I completed my undergraduate studies, it did’ take me long to decide where I wanted to graduate. When I first heard of your institution I knew it was the right place for me.

Admitted into a School at the age of eight, it became an entirely different world for me, a world that grew bigger and better only if you’re wanted or strived for it to be. School made me realize my potential and what I was capable of. There was an opportunity for almost any and everything. By the time I reached senior school, I was participating in elocution, plays and was member of various school sport teams.

I had at that time instilled in myself a sense of responsibility and respect. In my last year at school, I was appointed as the School Captain, Captain of the school Cricket Team and was the Sports Correspondent for the School Fortnightly. In a school where responsibility is vested on students treating them as confident adults.

Electronics and Engineering has made their indelible mark on my psyche right from my school days. Electronics the growing field in today’s world is incomparable. Electronic application has grown to such an extent that we hardly find a place where it is not used. From past few decades, technology has significantly changed our life style by making this world a smaller and better place to live. I would like to be the part of these changes. Having a good academic background, interest in the field of Electronics and communications, I would definitely make a significant contribution to your Institution, if given the opportunity.

When I came to SJCIT to pursue my education to become and Engineer, I didn’t know how detailed and precise a professional Engineering was. My studies at SJCIT have helped immensely in motivating me academically. Out here I have seen that only hard work pays off. The harder I work the better it is. My education here has been theoretical and I want it to be more practical. I want myself to apply all my knowledge practically.

For the first time I was out of home staying in the hostel, far away from parents and have lent a lot and got adjusted to my surroundings. My friends feel that I can get settled any where in this world with all my needs full filled.

During my study at SJCIT, I had many interesting courses such as Signal processing, Microprocessor, VLSI design, Operating System, Networking, C programming, Computer Organization and Architecture and even Mathematics which are my favorite subjects. I have also actively taken part in many a seminars on these subjects.

I worked on the project “Analysis and characterization of broad wall longitudinal slots in radiating wave guides “CABS (Defense Research and Development Organization, Mangalore). When working on the project I learnt many concepts on avenues and communication, which ought to be the growing field in this millennium.

I decided to become a Electronic Engineer because I have always been interested in hardware, signal processing and various graphical programs, which are taken for granted as part of our modern lifestyle. It is known that when calculation, time and intelligence are together, then electronic engineers aren’t far away. Above all the electronic engineer was involved in deigning it, making it and operating it. These are thing s that interest me and have led me to choose to be a electronic Engineer.

As to why I want to study in United States and why only at your institution. Well, it is quite simple and clear. Studying in America is to encounter diversity of culture, thought, attitude, lifestyle and approach. That to me is the most important from of education. Universities in America have the best facilities in terms of equipment, teaching aids and opportunities then anywhere else in the world.

While your institution is good in electronics and communication, and to have read and heard thorough friends studying at your esteemed university, about its quality of education, method of teaching academic motivation in students and the general feeling around to excel have led me to seek admission at your university.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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