Letter of Intent Sample – 53 for MS

Since childhood, I have been a keen observer and an early leaner. My interest to know more has always led me towards exploring new avenues of learning. My formal education began at a tender age of three years, and ever since that I have never looked back. I have been a front line student, always enthusiastic and ever ready with a string of questions.

Ever since I remember, the ability to establish contact and communicate across the globe has never ceased to fascinate me. The technology that can connect and link people’s lives and works inspite of the physical boundaries and distances has always held in me a strong interest towards it. The small instrument called the telephone was the first to open up my way to the world of telecommunications. Thus, began my journey towards the field that I wanted to learn more about.

Having lived and brought up in a strong and secure family, I have been fortunate to have parents who have instilled in me good values and principles. Education was always given the top priority, over anything else. With my brother and sister in fields as diverse as Chartered Accountancy and Home Science, I had every freedom to pursue the field of my choice. My father’s success in business and my elder brother’s hard work to reach a position of his caliber always motivated me to realize my goals. Thus, when my schoolteachers noticed my inclination towards science I was always encouraged by my family members to participate in science exhibitions, quizzes and examinations.

In the 10th grade examinations, I secured 85.85% percentage, a score good enough to propel me to the top 10% of the entire school. From school to college was an easy transition. I enrolled in the South Indian Education Society (S.I.E.S.) College of Science. In this college, I was able to build a sound base for the future studies and this guided me towards the Engineering field. Choosing Electronics and Telecommunication was an obvious choice of my graduation due to the fascination that I had for this subject, right from my very early years. During the four years of course I studied subjects as Electronics, Microprocessors, Digital Communication, DSP, Microwave, Computer Communication and Networks, Mobile Communication and Satellite Communication, which explain the basic fundamental of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. The knowledge that I have gained from these subjects will surely help me in future and more so in the Masters program.

My final year project Computer based ‘Voice Mail System Using Digital Signal
Processor’ was chosen by me keeping in mind the fact that Effective and timely communication has now become a must for any organization to run smoothly. In fact, communication has become backbone of all sectors. Rapid change is now a constant feature of the business life hence one cannot afford to get out of touch with his colleagues or customers. Due to this, VMS is used, which allows the user to be constantly in touch with the wide world. The reason behind using DSP during this project was to overcome the poor sound quality of modem based Voice Mail System. Our group of four students enjoyed working on this project.

The main exercise here was to eliminate the modem. For this, we designed a circuit, which could replace the modem and detect the phone rings. The working of the circuit was such that, after three rings, the phone gets off hooked and connects to the Computer through DSP used for filtration of voice. The entire process of working out my project was an experience to learn more from the world communications. We went through manuals, journals, magazines & books to get every bit of information we could gather. Numerous tests carried out in the labs gave me the much-required practical exposure required in the field. We used C programming for reading and writing of the message in user specific files for confidentiality of the message. Overall, the project taught me to be more patient and keep trying till I could achieve results to my satisfaction. The project being a group work taught me the virtues of group co-ordination, continuous interaction and team work which are essential qualities needed to build one’s carrier. Besides my academics, I have also been the active participant in the sports events such as Cricket, Badminton and table Tennis of my college as well as other intercollegiate competitions.

As an application of my knowledge in the practical field, I have worked with ICICI Bank for the development of the Kiosk Project and ATM implementation. The Kiosks are interfaces used for the users to get easy access to the ICICI websites ‘Infinity, ICICI direct, Billjunction, Magiccart and a site which gives information of the various ICICI facilities such as Credit Cards, Loans and different Banking products. The project had a central Solaris Server to monitor the condition of the client machines, which worked on the Linux Operating System. For the project, we used C programming for report generation at the server end and HTML, Java Script to modify these existing web sites developed for Internet users to adapt to the Kiosk environment, which consists of 15” TFT screen with the customized web browser for display. Thus, I have led so far a life that has seen the fulfillment of the primary interest in the big and vast world of engineering. Now, what I really want to do is go back to college and continue my further studies in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

I believe our generation is at the crossroad of phenomenal progress and changes need to be carried out with the application of science and technology to tackle challenging problems and issues. With my hard work and sincerity coupled with my knowledge of the latest and the most advanced technologies, I would like to make a concrete contribution towards the fascinating field of telecommunication. Hence, getting an opportunity to do my Masters from your highly regarded and reputed University would orient me to the very high standards of the Modern Industry. And I know that there is no better place to do this than an advanced country like the USA. The journey may be long but I know that getting admissions in your esteemed university is going to be the right step for me, in achieving my dream. Hard work shall never be a constraint and achieving results will be the prime priority. I end with a quote that I believe in greatly.

‘Find the purpose, the means will follow’

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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