Letter of Intent Sample – 52 for MS

I feel it a unique privilege to give a brief account of myself to your esteemed institution. I have completed my Electronics and Communication Engineering from Adichunchangagiri Institute of Technology, Chikmaglur I look back at my educational career so far with a sense or pride and satisfaction.

I have always had avid interest in Computer Sciences in general and Digital Communication in particular ever since my school days. I have always believed that evolving into a prolific researcher requires a consistent and determined effort. With the able guidance of my parents and teachers who have laid the foundation of my career by teaching me the morals and ethics that an ideal person needs to known. My best source of inspiration was my father who made me feel self-confident and suave in manners. I passed my secondary and higher secondary examinations with distinction and stood among the top 7% of the 1,00,000 students who appeared for the engineering entrance examination.

I firmly believe that sensible curiosity and creative imagination lead to advancement of knowledge in any sphere of activity. Digital Communication has fascinated me to such an extent that I started learning the basics of electronics right from my secondary school level. I have mastered in C, C++, UNIX and Windows. The urge to enhance my knowledge in Electronics & Communication coupled with the yearning to make a significant contribution in that field gave me the inspiration to put in the best of my efforts during my course.

In the ever-expanding field of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I am still a child searching for pebbles on the eternal seashore. I wish to pursue M.S. degree and work towards a Ph.D. My ultimate goal is to delve deep into research which would provide practical solutions to the ever rising complication. I feel that my endeavor would be incomplete until I achieve my objectives in research. As opportunities to do advanced research are limited in a developing nation like India, I have made up my mind to pursue higher studies in U.S.

It is by desire rather than coincidence that I apply to your university. It is your university which is at the forefront of technology, and thus I wish to be a part of highly qualified alumni of your university, Firstly my interest mach very closely with the faculty in this department. Secondly, since I intend to engage in intensive research later. Most of all, I feel that your university, with the experienced and excellent faculty, modern facilities and extensive libraries, will provide the right environment to develop my talents. The only certainty about technology in an ever-changing world, and how it affects modern life, is that, changes in society will accelerate at an increase pace. What ever marveled a few years ago is routine today, the extraordinary that we aspire for now is ordinary tomorrow and the inventions of the future will be things, which we hardly imagine today. I wish to be a small, though significant part of that future of computer science. Ten years from now, I see myself heading an active research team engaged in work of direct industrial relevance.

I am sure that I possess the qualities of working hard and being perseverant in addition to intellectual ability and rive that are needed to do justice to study at your university. I thank this opportunity given to express myself and if given the chance, I shall prove worthy of every encouragement given by you.

Last but not the least your faculty is re4puted as one of the finest in the USA, and I would really consider it a great privilege to work under such able guidance as yours. Hence it is with utmost confidence that I seek admission with financial assistance into the graduate program (M.S) at your university.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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