Letter of Intent Sample – 51 for MS

At this juncture, where I have made one of the most crucial and obvious decision of my professional career, I would like to list the factors that influenced me most and went into the making of this decision.

From my childhood my inquisitive nature made me ask many questions at every other time to the people around, of course mostly to my family members. On my 8th birthday, my uncle has presented me a calculator but for me it was more than a calculator. It’s accurate and quick calculations made me anxious to know the other side of it. Up to the age of secondary school it was rather mystified till I came across the semi-conductor chips for the first time. I was delighted to know that these chips were responsible for calculator to function. Then the next question that struck my brain was “How does a semi-conductor chip work after all” Then I decided to become an engineer specifically, which can answer my labyrinth of queries.

Right from my schooling I showed keen interest in mathematics and physics that enabled me to develop strong quantitative and analytical skills. This strength enabled me to secure 90% marks in mathematics and sciences in S.S.C. (10th grade). I passed my senior secondary school (10+2) with an aggregate of 79% in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my special subjects.

The only next hurdle for me was to clear “E A M C E T “, statewide entrance test for engineering aspirants, in realization of my goals. My sincere efforts & hard work placed me among the top 3.5% of the selected students out of over 60,000 students who appeared for the test. This enabled me to opt for Bachelors in Electronics and Communications Engineering in Maturi Venkata Subba Rao Engineering College at Hyderabad, one of the premier institutions in India.

My desire to know more about the computing and communicating devices thrilled me and I now feel greatly delighted to have chosen Electronics and Communications as my major. I have actively participated in science exhibitions, quiz, debate and sporting competitions in the school and college. I am very much interested in playing chess and even represented college in various tournaments. The undergraduate course structure has exposed me to both the cortical and practical aspects of the subjects. During the course of my study the subjects which interested me most are “Semiconductor Devices”, “Basic Circuit Theory and Techniques”, “Digital Communication Systems”, “Advanced Communications Systems”, “Microprocessor Based Systems Digital Integrated Circuits and Applications”, etc., and secured good marks in these subjects.

The importance of an efficient means of communication in the present world is quite noteworthy. To choose “Communications” as a field to my interest is of utmost pleasure and satisfaction. I believe that one could do his very best in a field in which one’s interest lies and in a field, which provides ample opportunities to prove one’s abilities.

Presently, I am doing project-work in Electronics Corporation of India Limited on “Electronic Count Measure” based on Frequency Hopping Technique. The main intention of its is to maintain the secrecy of the message signal from unfriendly receivers. It involves the implementation of Electronic Count Measure module, Digital Signal Processor starter-kit, and generation of code using assembly language. It plays a major role in communications where secrecy of the message signal involves up most importance.

I feel that undergraduate study alone does not provide the specialized academic exposure essential to reach higher professional levels in the present day technology driven workplace. Moreover, it is only during Graduate studies that I will be able to get adequate opportunities to test the validity and the practicality of my ideas. Graduate study in the United Studies that I will be able to get adequate opportunities to test the validity and the practicality of my ideas. Graduate study in the United States of America is known for its spirit of innovation, which set global standards of excellence.

To achieve my cherished objective of obtaining a position of leadership in my field of study/work, I agree that my scores are not consistent with my goals, I feel that Graduate Study in your esteemed University with its high quality of intellectual and material resources would give me the right opportunity and environment to realize my academic and professional goals.

I conclude with great expectations of being given a chance to pursue higher studies at your pioneering university with adequate financial aid.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express myself.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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