Letter of Intent Sample – 5 for MBA

The main purpose and aim of anyone are and should be (a) to progress and prosper well, (B) to make life worth-while, meaningful and purposeful, (c) to achieve what are aimed, dreamt and desired, (d) to be useful to the family and to the society in the best possible manner and (e) to live happy and contented life.

Above expectation and aspiration reflect what are alm, object and purpose of my life. I not only wish to progress and prosper well, to live a good life, but to also do as much as I can to be useful and helpful to the family and to the society.

I hail from a good family having ethical values for being a good person, a good businessman and a good citizen. I have acquired graduation in the field of commerce. My special subject was Advanced Accountancy. I possess computer knowledge and am well conversant with various computer programmes viz. MS Windows 95 and Ms Windows 98, MS Office, Excel and Various accounting programmes like Telly, Profit and Shree. I have actively participated in various cultural activities during the college years. I have keen interest in sports and have played cricket, soccer and table tennis.

I have inclination to endeavor in the best possible manner to be useful to the family and family business, to explore all possible opportunities to develop or to diversify family business for better and brighter tomorrow. In any business in general and a family business in particular, I believe, it is the concept of coming together –sharing together – working to gather and succeeding together that is helpful to progress and prosper well.

It is mainly for above aim and purpose that I wish to further my studies in the field of the Management. I believe, my concern for the quality of attaining good further education to-day will ensure the success of my tomorrow. And it for this specific purpose that I wish to attain useful and effective education on the new trends and new concepts of the Management in USA that could be helpful and instrumental to me in achieving what is aimed.

My preference for acquiring better education in the field of the Management is with an understanding that it is effectiveness in managing any affairs and any activity that could be helpful and advantageous for better working, better productivity and better results.

I believe, pursuit of good education for a good management will have both shorter and long-term benefits. Besides, it will motivate pursuit of excellence, pursuit of better values and better quality of work as also of life. This could also be useful in aiming and achieving such effectiveness and such excellence as rightly advised and motivated by one philosopher: “We have to give the very best that there is in us if we are to some day move on up in the world. If we persistently strive towards excellence in our occupational labors, we can be sure that eventually we will be largely rewarded, not only from a financial stand point, but by character and self – respect as well”.

It is for such purpose that I wish and aim: May the spirit of action, faith and fraternity, courage and confidence prevail in my pursuit to aim and aspire for something still more and something still better from life. There has always to be an aim, an aspiration and an ambition to go further, to improve, to excel, to strive for better and brighter things and values of life.

St.Augustine had rightly said: Once you have said, “It is enough”, you are lost. Keep adding keep walking, keep advancing, do not stop, do not turn from the straight road. Because, as Samuel Johnson had said: The business of life us it gig forward.

It is with such aim, such purpose and such ambition that I look forward eagerly to attain meaningful education, better experience and better exposure at an esteemed University of the U.S.A.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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