Letter of Intent Sample – 48 for MS

I am very interested in pursuing MS in Electrical Engineering. The following is a brief description of my academic background, my interest and my aspiration.

Why Electrical Engineering

Since my childhood, Science and Mathematics have fascinated me extremely. They were more than just other subjects. During my high school and 12th standard days, I utilized all my free time and worked towards mathematical approaches for complex scientific problems (physics in particular). The way these problems could manifest more easily using mathematical analysis, totally engrossed my interest. This interest blossomed into passion and this passion coupled with the urge to comprehend and assimilate a lot of scientific information made engineering my only and obvious choice.

As a school kid I used to watch televisions, radios, telephones, refrigerators, computers etc and wonder how these machines work. Incidentally, Electronics was introduced as a part of the curriculum in my high school. These machines positively smote me. This interest blossomed into passion and before long, I decided Electronics as my discipline and as my career.

Academic Background

Throughout my academic career, I have always been in the top 10. In the tenth standard state level examinations, I secured 2nd rank for the school in a pool of around 180 students. I was awarded with the Merit Scholarship. In the 12th standard examinations, I secured 8th rank for college in a pool of around 500 students. This fetched me a government merit seat in The National Institute of Engineering (NIE) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. NIE is one of the most competitive and sought after institutions in South India and is one of the four colleges affiliated to the University of My sore, a very prestigious university of Asia.

I have always been in the top 10 in the Department of E&E, in every semester of my engineering course (consisting of 8 semesters). Apart from my excellent academic record, I have been very active on the co-curricular front. In 12th standard I won numerous accolades in several State level technical paper presentations, project demonstrations, on the spot programming contests, technical debates, and technical quiz contests. During engineering, I won numerous awards in district level and state level quiz contests and lecture contests. During engineering, I won numerous accolades in several State level technical paper presentations, project demonstrations, on the spot programming contests, technical debates, technical quiz implemented, my final year project Control System Design Using Graphical Techniques under the guidance of Dr. A. D. Kulkarni, Senior lecturer, Dept of E & E, deserves special mention since it received wide recognition and rave accolades for its immense sophistication, ability to trace and resolve complexities and its application to real time situations. I received wide recognition for my work and they got published in various college magazines. The project was sponsored by Karnataka State Council of Science and Technology (KSCST).

I am interested in extra-curricular activities like cricket and table tennis and have won a few awards in inter-college and state level tournaments. I was the captain of E & E Department cricket team.

Why Pursue Graduation

Four years of Undergraduate studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering have been extremely fruitful. I have been introduced to multitude of topics ranging from the very basics like Material Science, Electrical Machines, Control Systems, Basic Electronics, to more advanced courses such as Power and Industrial Electronics, Computer Organization, Digital Electronics, Microprocessor, Computer aided Electrical Machine Design, Automatic and Optimal Control Systems. I could also follow up numerous related courses outside college owing to the monetary assistance I procured from several State level merit scholarships.

Though the undergraduate course content is thoroughly challenging, immensely educating and economically gratifying, I totally lack a sense of satisfaction. This is due to the fact that engineering sufficed me to do only the groundwork. Among the various fields I studies, few of them have completely engrossed my interest. I have an urge to explore deeper into these fields, perform constructive research and become a dedicated academician. Only this will enable me to bold a career that rewards me with some satisfaction. And rewards of such a nature from such a career far outweigh the compensations available in the industry. Hence, a graduate study followed by a research leading to Ph.D. is the only ideal platform for me to do so.

Research Interests

I strongly believe in ‘learning by doing’. It is the hope of coming up with path-breaking results, streaked with an element of uncertainty that makes experimental research extremely fascinating. I appreciate the imaginative and intuitive thinking involved. My undergraduate thesis work has given me a glimpse into the world of such research and has strengthened my conviction that this is where I can find intellectual satisfaction.

I love the work I work I have undertaken at present. I would be delighted to pursue graduate study along similar lines. I wish to make full use of the extensive facilities available at your university to make a significant contribution to research in the areas of Digital Signal Processing, Digital Systems, Control Systems, Telecommunications, Microprocessors, VLSI Design and Fabrication. I enjoy etching. For the benefit of my own classmates, I myself took the initiative and taught Digital Electronics and Microprocessors. This has inculcated in me good teaching abilities. I am therefore keen on taking up a research position in an academic environment.


My stint at NJE has inculcated in me a fine set of ideals, beliefs and values. Studying away from home has made me highly independent, responsible and more. Monthly treks with friends, participation in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities have helped me realize the importance of teamwork. I was elected as the class representative and co-coordinator for Association of Electrical Engineers (AEE) for the academic year 1998-1999, where I organized a number of State level technical and cultural festivals, Industrial Technical Tours and Cricket tournaments. These experiences have rewarded me with impressive leadership qualities, excellent organizing skills, and team working abilities and good communication skills. Hostel life and involvement in professional organizations like AEE have instilled in me the ability to interact with peers.

My insatiable thirst for learning, my accomplishment and traits have together instilled in me the confidence and faith to perform constructive research in the field of my interest. In addition, I would add to the diversity of the class, interacting with people of various national background and cultures. In the process, they can learn more about my beautiful country, India. I hope I fit in your idea of a promising graduate student.

Finally, I would like to thank all the members of the admission committee for considering my case regarding admission to your esteemed instruction.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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