Letter of Intent Sample – 47 for MS

Temperamental inclination to see things in logical and scientific way enabled me to successfully accomplish my higher secondary with science stream. I become ecstatic while reading a cheaper to ‘Solid State Electronic” in our physic text. This study sparked in me a though of making a career out of it and therefore I decided to do my under-graduation in electronic engineering. Gaining thorough knowledge of semiconductor technology was in my view most appropriate decision as it was compatible with my temperamental tendency to make fundamentals strong first and then foray into computers, something that fascinates me most.

Electronics being the fountainhead of present-day technology has a plethora of application fields like Commuters, Communications, Industrial Electronics, Integrated Circuit Technology, Process control etc. My knowledge of P.C.B. designing and programming techniques helped me accomplish a project on ‘PWM based spped control of D.C. motor using micro-controlled by writing appropriate instructions in assembly language in micro-controller chip and then interfacing wig with more. This way, the duty-factor of supply pulse is controlled.

I have covered For Tran, C, 80/85 AND 8086 assembly language programming, Microprocessors-1, Microprocessor-II computer Networks, Unix etc, as pat of my undergraduate curriculum, Computer Network and, Unix etc. as part of my undergraduate curriculum,./ Computer Networks and Operating systems, the Elective subject of Computer Engineering branch were my obvious choices with a view to pursue further studies in computer science with a stronger base. I also studies N.T workstation and Novell Netware with networking concepts. This way I made a swipe transition towards commencement of my dream career in computers from electronics.

The detailed study of all seven layers of ‘OSI’ network and TCP/IP concepts interested me very much. I am keen know how they are applied today’s networked world in different ways, how they are compatible with new a generation of electronic gadget’s which have flooded the market. I believe that my basic knowledge in this field will serve the purpose of my entry in this wired world. I am eager to embrace the limits of technology that this promising field has caeted and have strong potential to do thorough research in it. I have been taking care that my basic knowledge of electronics and computers encircle around a single goal and that is its practical application in network technology.

I developed an interest in chess and played nationals in two years of start by getting juniors-5th crown at sate level without any prior training (refer attached certificates).

My expectation from your college includes practical emphasis of my education and strong research techniques and I am sure my actual experience surpasses them.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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