Letter of Intent Sample – 40 for MS

Right from my childhood, my life has shaped like a dream. I have dared to dream of the best and have always achieved it. I believed that all accomplishments are related to a person’s frame of mind. Most people are scared of dreaming, while there are others, who like to dream, but only for a moment. There are even fewer people who are able to pursue their dreams. This is because most people are scared of losing. But after all, no battle is won without a fight. I always believe “What man has done man can do” means what has been achieved by one person can be achieved again and yet again by others as well. One can never win if he doesn’t dream of winning and one can never progress without ambition.

I have always cherished all my dreams and at the same time decided definite paths to follow in order to realize them. I have always strived for the best, which is reflected in my academic records. But what is not visible, is my quest for fundamental understanding. I have tried to prepare a solid foundation for the future by putting extra efforts whenever in doubt. This has developed my ability to learn by myself. I believe this will help me not only in graduate study but also throughout my life.

Career Objective

I would like to start an independent project about ten years from now. My initial goal is to get a master’s degree in electrical engineering. After that, I plan to gain work experience to get a better understanding of the practical aspects of both technical and managerial work. During this period I will also try to establish the feasibility of different projects that I could start on my own. At the end of this period, I expect myself to have sufficient technical and managerial abilities to start an independent project in my field of expertise.

Area of Interest

During my school days I had strong penchant for electronic kits. I used to assemble them. My curiosity to study the function of each part of the kit made me read small project books. I could not understand what is inside the components and what made them to do a specific function. So, to study ‘wonder’ being created by electricity I decided to join electronic engineering. As the bases of engineering fields are mathematics and physics I studied mathematics and physics and obtained my first undergraduate degree with first class in 1996. After getting sufficient knowledge of the base of the engineering and my desire to study electronics engineering led me to appear in entrance examination to the post B.Sc degree course of electronics engineering. I was among the successful 22 students who cleared up the entrance test amongst approximately 725 first class students appearing in all over Gujarat state. Finally, I obtained my postgraduate degree in Electronics Engineering in May 2000.

However, I have a particular interest in the field of digital electronics and computers have always been a fascination for me. That is why I really enjoyed taking the following courses: Digital Systems, Computer Hardware, Microprocessors –1 (8085), Microprocessors –2 (8086).

The fields, which have really appealed to me, are Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Architecture, Computer Communication Networks, System Design, Signal and Image Processing etc. It is my firm belief that these field have ample research opportunities and will bring out sizzling technical advancements in the 21st century. They will bring about a revolution in the way computers are used today and I would like to be a part of it. I have also interest in digital systems that’s why I have done the project of “digital fan controller’ successfully in the final semester.

Personal Achievements

  1. Passed with “A” grade in all the three papers at Jr., Sr. and Diploma level held by Society for international language studies.
  2. Done a course in Basic Programming and Software Development from School of Computer Studies.
  3. Successfully completed a course in Hardware related to the Radio and Television from Golden Radio House and Technical Institute.
  4. Done a computer course in Software Engineering from APTECH COMPUTER EDUCATION and is efficient in following languages C, C++, FOXPRO, Oracle etc.
  5. During my final year in Electronics Engineering, I was also working with Amtel Exports India, a subsidiary of Amtel Export India, a subsidiary of Amtel Security Controls, Florida, and USA as Product Support Engineer on a part-time basis.


I tend to assimilate new learning material with relative ease. This will help me to meet the rigorous academic challenges the new curricula will pose. I am a detail-oriented person with enthusiasm and vigor to learn. The high caliber of your faculty and student population would provide me with highly stimulating environment in which to excel in my studies. The interplay of ideas would be illuminating and thought provoking and the contacts that I establish during the studentship would be an asset to me as I take off a long career journey.

I approach my Master Program with an enthusiasm; flexibility, open mindedness and desire to learn that I believe will serve me equally well.

I now look forward to starting the next phase of my life at your esteemed university; I will be able to move closer to my ultimate goal. An opportunity to work at your institution would be a dream comes true for me. I am looking forward to getting this opportunity.

With a word of thanks.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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