Letter of Intent Sample – 4 for MBA

In the fast globalizing world, the competition between the companies and their products have increased a lot. They are all boosting up to gain an edge above their competitor. All the companies of the world are trying to capture National as well as International market. Due to this increasing competition the demand of the Management Professionals has increased a lot in the recent years. Their decisions have great impact on the policies and strategies of the company.

And according to my experience I have found that the companies in India are willing to flourish in rural as well as urban areas but due to lack one necessary marketing infrastructure they are failing to do so. They have depended on their own resources to achieve their targets which has resulted in slow growth of the market resulting in the slow economic reform.

My interest in doing M.B.A. from your university is that as the competition between the companies have risen up the competition between the Management Professionals. And in order to gain an edge above the business professionals, University is the decider. According to my opinion your University is the best to guide me through out this programmed. A person should always go for the better than the best, which I think that your University is going to provide me.

I have an aim to achieve a great height in field of business. As I belong to a business class family I have experienced the growth, the stability and declination of business since my teenage. I liked my family members discussing about the strategies and policies of business and if I had some suggestions it was welcomed and if the suggestion was considered during the decision-making I felt confident and tried to come up with new ideas.

I was born in Variance (earlier known as Kasha). A world famous holy city.This is a city of culture and education from more than 2000 years.

I have completed my schooling from Birla Vidya Mandir situated in Nainital (a hill station of Northern India). Then after completing my schooling returned back to Varanasi. There I completed my graduation from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith (a famous University for its education). After the completion of my graduation I joined NIIT for E-commerce. I am having knowledge Java programming and have a certificate in java programming.

I have keen interest in Marketing. I have decided to work in the field of Marketing. My first Milestone on this way was when I was appointed as Sales Executive of Eastern Uttar Pradesh in P.M.G. Reinforced Plastics a company based in Gujarat (a state of India). The company deals in the manufacturing of all types of P.P., FRP, and PVC/FRP.H.D.P.E.

My job was to promote the sales in the rural was well as urban areas and after three promotions the company has appointed as their ASM.

I am working as an Area Sales Manager for last four and half years. My work experience so far has given me general broad idea of actual working environment of business. It has given me the knowledge of performing a work in a fully team support and short out the problems face in actual global market. My experience in theist sector also made me aware of various systemic influences on the private profit sector arising from the larger society. This has mostly to do with the availability of general purchasing power and demand for industry product coming out from less developed segment of society. The larger society, I was aware, can either hinder or facilitate the growth of the profit sector not only by virtue of its endowment of purchasing power or lack of it. This is particularly relevant for marketing campaigns and advertising.

The company is satisfied with my work and I am performing well. But I have personally observed that in some areas I am not up to the mark due to lack of knowledge in that particular area. And if I would have knowledge of that field I would have performed better.

Than I decided to do M.B.A. in order to improve my personality and work skill. Then came the problem that from where should I do the course. I have keen interest in doing M.B.A in International marketing. There are many colleges in India who can provide me this Degree, but when I went through their syllabus their course structure is not very satisfactory. Some fields in which they are dealing, I already have the practical knowledge of all that. Then I decided to go internationally. There I read your syllabus and found that this sis the right University for my requirement. As it can guide me through out the programme by providing better education and knowledge, which is going to sort out my problems in future.

My interest is in international marketing, which I think the university can provide me the best. It can offer me an edge so that I could work for my company and give it a new hike. The University will fortify me with its professional expertise in the major areas for Business Management. This will help me to broaden the skills and knowledge towards the performance of my work. Such as exposure, once supported by a rigorous training in the discipline, will, I believe, stand me in good stead in the achievement of my career goal.

I am confident that the University will equip me with comprehensive and rigorous professional training and I would be benefited throughout my whole life as it would help me to achieve my long term career goal. The skills and knowledge I would receive will surely change my way of working towards a particular aim. And I would be among one of those professional who are the decider if the economic and marketing infrastructure.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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