Letter of Intent Sample – 39 for MS

I, C. Krishna Mahesh seeking admission for graduate engineering program of your college have enclosed my Statement of Purpose as required by the college.

I have always believed in this statement. I have been privileged enough to have obtained high quality education right from childhood. Junior School endowed me with strong mathematics precepts and the ability to grasp fundamentals. In High School I was able to foster my skills and it was here that I developed a keen interest in Engineering Science. My interests in games like chess and cricket have developed my Analytical skills. Good grades in Mathematics and Science inspired me to pursue a career in Telecommunication engineer.

Electronics and Communication in my view, is the future of the world. When coupled with computers, is the fastest Growing field in the modern era. The best way to cope with this rapid Growing sunrise sector is the need for the ability to gasp the new Development and learn the subject in a more rigorous and a systemic manner.

I secured admission in the acclaimed portals of M.S.R.I.T College of Engineering (Bangalore University)- a premiere institution in South India. I have currently completed my engineering program, in which I have been exposed to a balanced syllabus with courses in Microprocessors, Control System, Analog Communication, Digital Communications, Computer Architecture, Computer Programming, Solid State Electronics, Electronic Switching Principles, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Communication Networks, Satellite Communication, Microwave Devices, Photo maps and Optical Fiber.

These entire subjects have gotten me very interested in the field of Telecommunication. This has lead to my extensive research and study in this field to understand a few concepts that were not taken up in the syllabus. As a part of my curriculum my senior project involved DSP. My final year dissertation work was of “D.S.P. based Delta Modulation and Adaptive Delta Modulation using TMS320C50 Processor, for removal of Noise Distortion at Low Frequency Signals”. Working closely with fellow colleagues in this vast and interesting field only strengthened my conviction.

Over the past couple of years I have been actively seeking a specialized field in which to pursue graduate studies. A field which would not only be intellectually stimulating and challenging but also have a direct practical bearing in everyday life. The final choice of Electronics and Communication Engineering is not surprising considering the fact that hardware aspects of Telecommunication have always enthused my interests as well as my intellect. I have also been actively participating the activities of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers.

I believe Times is the only resource available to one and all in perfectly equal amounts, which neither expands nor contracts. Stress in my view defines the character of a man giving the joy of challenge of performance with a sense of responsibility. Time and Stress management are some of my personal assets. Both these characteristics have brought out a team player and leaders in me, enabling me to accept diverse views.

I strongly believe in “setting goals and working hard towards achieving them”. My ambition has been to be at the top rung of the ladder among the specialist in my field. I want to be among the best Telecommunication solution providers addressing unique Telecom needs coping with the next generation technology, ten years from the day of my graduation at your esteemed university.

I have realized that in the current scenario where innovations and change are the other of the day, I need to have the necessary technical skills to analyze scientific situation from different perspectives to create a solution. The attainment of a graduate degree at this stage in a vibrant country such as the U.S. would afford maximum value addition to my skills and increase opportunities in the market place. A focused in Electronics and Communication would give me an opportunity to keep up with the changeling technological trends. Graduating from your esteemed university will definitely prove to be one of the most important stepping-stones in my career to enhance all the hidden and innate qualities, which can fructify.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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