Letter of Intent Sample – 37 for MS

My undergraduate major in Electrical Engineering have exposed me to its variegated and myriad sub-fields-computers. Though a major in Electrical, I have a solid base in the Computer’s through our academic schedule. The charm of extending the frontiers of knowledge in rapidly growing field of Computers has soused in me an interest to-pursue for higher studies. To satiate this curiosity and to embark upon a rewarding career in this field, I consider graduate study in Computer Science a prime requisite.

To plan a career in engineering stream, I have been preparing myself with a fir commitment to academics to the best of my efforts. Due to my inclination towards computers, I opted for more course in this field and also had undertaken private courses (Programming in C, C++ (OOPS), Visual C++, Visual Basic). Also, through our university schedule, I have undergone the subjects guiding about the basics of computer’s and microprocessor’s and stood in the upper 5% in the class.

As a result of my interest, I am at present associated with M/s. S.R. Ggupta & Co. as a Computer Operator dealing mainly with MS Office, MS Word, Power Point, MS Excel.

A Master’s in Computer Science, my ultimate scholastic objective will enable me to work in the field of Computer’s and contribute my mite in area of interest. I shall have heightened self fulfillment and expanded employment to achieve my profession of serving my country in a better way. Applying the knowledge of fundamental sciences to industrial practices I want to address the economic and industrial challenges facing in my country India, to realize my dreams, I am in need of that would provide the necessary course work. Through the application material and the inquiries from the Indian Students in the USA has led me to believe that the Department of Computer Science at your esteemed institution is dedicated to teaching, research and services. An opportunity to work in the sate of art facilities under the guidance of erudite and scholarly faculty who hold international reputation, I believe will bring out the very best in me.

Sir/ Madam, I would like to mention the reasons for my poor academic performance during my undergraduate level as compared to my Higher Secondary School. During my under graduate studies, I was also engaged in my father’s business as he was not keeping well at that time. Due to this, I had to give up much of my time, in the business work and less time to concentrate on studies.

Moreover, I had to travel for 1 & ½ hours to reach my college. Hence, after and extensive 3 hours travel daily, when I was back at home, I had to look after my father’s business. As a result of the fact, very little time was left for me to carry on with my studies of which I had to suffer a lot i.e. a poor academic performance during my under graduates. Hence, due to my only involvement in my father’s business, I had a poor academic record.

However, I have shown my worth by securing good marks of GRE and TOFEL conducted recently. Also I am performing well in my private computer courses which are listed above.

What I bring in return is a strong background in the field of Computer and the confidence of addressing the challenges in solving new problems in graduate program.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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