Letter of Intent Sample – 36 for MS

This statement would succinctly recapitulate on my ambitions and achievements as an Engineer to support my credibility as a promising zealous student in your institution.

About Myself

I, Mohammed Yousuf Shareef, am a final year student of undergraduate course in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Shadan College of Engineering and Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.

Research to me is more than a career it is a way of life that holds the spirit of inquiry and furtherance of scientific knowledge as the most sacred objectives of life. A spirit since its inception as childhood curiosity has been the motivation for continuing my education. I have always felt a strong need for innovative and constructive ideas. This has served as the propelling force behind all that I have served as the propelling force behind all that I have achieved in my academic career.

Academic Background

During my days in school, I developed a penchant for Mathematics and Physical Sciences, a bent for problem solving and a desire to know more. My strength has been my quantitative and analytical skills, which instilled in me a special interest of mathematics and physics. It is from this inherent inquisitiveness, that I draw inspiration to imbibe the true spirit of energy. I have maintained an excellent scholastic record throughout my schooling. The prospect of being among the forefront of knowledge and perhaps contribute to it, made me take up a career in science and technology. This ambition has been my interest in pursuing greater studies at your university is another step toward attaining my goal. After two successful years in college (10+2) level, I took the common entrance examination and thus gained admission to undergraduate studies at the Shadan College of Engineering & Technology one of the premiere and most sough after education institutions of India.

In the first three years of under graduation curriculum under the guidance of some truly excellent professor, I was able to get a strong grounding in subjects like electronic devices, Feedback control systems, Electronic Circuits, Signal Transmission & Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Programming in C-Language and Operating System etc.

Each consequent semester opened enthralling avenues. The excellent research facilities and disciplined course schedules gave me the chance to develop my skills “hands on” in the laboratory and gained an in depth practical knowledge of my subjects. Apart from learning several interesting subjects in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering at undergraduate level, I have done higher diploma in Software Engineering course in computers at APTCH Ltd. In order to keep myself in pace with on going computer age, I have kept myself equipped with computer languages like UNIX& C, C++, ORACLE 8.0, VISUAL BASIC, JAVA etc., at APTCH Ltd.

Career Objective and Field Of Interest

With this academic background I feel that this grasp of Electronics and Communication Engineering coupled with a Master’s Degree in the same would help me apply my skills to good use in such areas as VLSI design, computer engineering etc.

With an ever increasing complexity and growth of power networks and their economic and integrated operations, I strongly fee that there is a need for central automatic dispatch centers with real time computer control. I also feel that there is a need in the future to go in for more extra high voltage transmission; especially the HDVC transmission. My work in this direction crystallized in the form of technical paper titled “Role of a Central computer controller for real time applications in multi-terminal HVDC transmission”. I am presently working on the paper Supervising Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Since power system studies by computers offer greater flexibility, accuracy, speed and economy, I opted for load flow studies of a power system using a digital computers as my final year project on which I am presently working.

Reasons for Applying to Your University

Higher education in the US would stand as the manifestation of my burning desire of academic achievement with professional competence. I envision the masters program that I wish to pursue your university as a logical next step towards a research career in academics.

As my in terms and need are in concord with the research tonics offered in your esteemed university, I wish to be a part of your institution and feel that your institution with its long standing record of academic brilliance, excellent teaching faculty and goals contribute mite.


I am very confidence that I possess the necessary perseverance and commitment required to sustain me though several years of the most of concentrated work and come out successfully. I yearn to play an active role in advancing the intellectual frontiers of Electrical Engineering and more towards my goal of contributing more effectively to the society as an engineer scientist.

I will be fortunate enough if I am given admission for FALL ’99. I would be extremely grateful to you if you could make an honest and candid assessment of my chances of securing admission in your university.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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