Letter of Intent Sample – 24 for MS

I have always felt a strong need for achievement. This need coupled with my staunch belief that “Education is the economic alternative to experience” has been the motivating force behind my academic achievements. My cherished objective of attaining a position of leadership in the field of Computers & Information Technology (IT) industry made me to pursue my Graduate study in Computer Science (MS) with my areas of interest being Programming Languages and Operating systems.

Right from my school days, I have had a very successful academic record. I was among the top 40 students in my state (1st in my college/school) in my Class 12 exam. I was fortunate enough to gain admission into one of the premier Institutes in India, the “Burlap Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) plain. My high percentage in Class 12 enabled me to choose a subject of my liking, Finance.

I have always been interested in problems that stimulate the intellect and as well as require the analysis of the problem environment. This is the reasons why I opted for Finance as my field of interest.

The innate desire to exercise the brain and search for answers is, I feel, one of my strong points. These has in recent years manifested itself in the form of an ever-growing urge Togo to the grassroots of any subjects and analyze it to come up with something new. My strong urge to come up with innovative solutions to design operational problems, improving upon the existing solutions and a penchant for the application of practical oriented fields gave a propensity towards Computer Science.

B.I.T.S. has given me very good opportunity to explore the three fields, of Software, Finance and Manage, from which I want to pursue my career in the former. I have been credited in course like computer programming, II Management Information Systems, Financial Management, Data programming, Selected Computer Languages, Software Engineering, Project Appraisal, Corporate taxation, International Financial Markets and services etc., which have helped me to gain a strong understanding of the theoretical concepts and partial concepts as well

I have completed a six-month Internship (Practice School II) at Central Bank of India (C.B.I) Mamba where I was assigned the project named ‘Quantification of Credit Risk: Evolvement of Credit Rating Model for Central Bank of India’. As a part of this I have developed a software model for Credit Rating in Central Bank of India. The Financial Ration Generation and analysis, Balance sheet generation and analysis, assessment of Working Capital requirements and Credit Rating are the final outcomes in the model. Though this project I was able to learn to the basic database concepts. This software is developed using MS-Access-2000 and visual Basic

Though I did not distinguish myself academically as an undergraduate the very fact that I have survived the harrowing circumstances of my personal life shows my determination. My blemished academic record can also be attributed to the role I played as Hostel Representative, BITS Students’ Union. I feel that representing 300 Students improved my managerial skills and I also got a glimpse of the responsibilities and hardships associated with professional life.

I feel that graduate study would provide me that specialized academic exposure essential carve a niche in the present day technology world. I am highly motivated to take up Programming Languages as my major area of interest during my graduate work in Computer Science. Moreover, it is only during graduate studies that I will be able to get adequate opportunities to test the validity and practicability of my ideas. Graduate education in the United States of America is known for its spirit of innovations, which sets global standards of academic excellence. Your university with its high quality of intellectual and material resources would be the right place to give me the opportunity of intellectual and material resources would be the right place to give me the opportunity and environment to realize my academic and professional goals.

I believe that a MS degree in Commuter Science from your university will not only help me widen my knowledge but also help me realize my ambition of creating something ingenious, useful and productive. I am confident of doing full justice to the Graduate program at your University and I firmly believe that it will greatly enhance the quality and volume of my contribution to society.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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