Letter of Intent Sample – 18 for MBA

There term “Business Administration” is not memory a facade but a metamorphosis of human technology, which provides an optimistic iconography for ‘Future’ Existence. I as an integral ingredient of Management age not only intend to be a beneficiary of such a ‘future’ but also a benefactor and hence forth, I have taken a decision to direct my intellect to further my cognizance in Business Administration by pursuing further specialization an masters degree. I have come to this conclusion after careful analysis of my background, abilities, shortcomings and my diorites. It is my strong belief that further studies are indispensable for acquiring a deeper insight and understanding of the subjects. During the course of my M.B.A.

I had exposure to various fields of management and found this fascinating and hence the desire to explore. In this regard I find the Master’s Programmed to various fields of management and found this fascinating and hence the desire to explore. In this regard I find the Master’s programmed in Business Administration offered at your University very interesting and an ideal launch pad for a successful career.

As I consummated my M.B.A with spoliation in marketing I stood among the top 5% of the students in my college. I realized the importance of being a part of a professional environment in order to learn the tricks of the trade. During the course of study I had an actual rendezvous with the abstracts of the subject and the theoretical acquaintance only amplified my interest. As my interest towards the study of Management grew, I decided to continue my specialization and Master’s in Business Administration My decision comes at a time when there is a major revolution, taking place in the Business would. Companies have come to depend heavily ken the kind of knowledge base that they possess.

It is an indisputable fact that today’s organizational success depends to a large extent o Management. With the rise in Companies setting up standards, the need for efficient management it lies never before as Robert Frost said:

“Have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep…”

I also have greater promises to keep, higher boundaries to cross and abundant dreams to realize. If there is an education system that would help me translate my dreams into reality it wood be the one in the United States. I strongly believe that the us educational systems has the potential not only to enhance my skills but also to hone them. Further, I would consider it a personal privilege to be a part of your University and thereby be a part of the growing world.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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