Letter of Intent Sample – 13 for MBA

Career Progress Till Data and Goals

I joined Sainik School Tilaiya, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, India (Under the Ministry of Defense, Government of India) in 1983 through a state level entrance test and interview (in which I ranked second among total applicant of over 10,000). Sainik Schools are military style public schools mandated to serve as nursery for the Indian Armed Forces. After completing my Higher Secondary, schooling from there, I came to Delhi with a dream to take up a Class I government job.

Mass Communication:
My passion for the mass communication sector was aptly rewarded when I joined Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, the premier mass communication institute in Asia, through an all India written test and interview with the total number of applicants being over 15,000. Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism course equipped me with the theories and practices of the mass communication sector. Subsequently, I was selected as an Assistant Public Relations Officer in the housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd. (Hudco) in the campus interviews. And thus both my dreams of being in the mass communication sector and of taking up a class I Govt. job was fulfilled.

Present Job:
Hudco is the Indian apex housing and urban infrastructure financing company with 6 zonal offices, 20 regional offices and 12 development offices all over the country. The turnover of the company was Rs.15.88 billion in financial year 1999-2000 over an authorized capital base of Rs. 12.50 billion and paid up capital base of Rs.11.78 billion. Hudco finances individuals/institutions for houses/housing projects and institutions for the infrastructure projects. Other important job profile of Hudco is to implement Government of India’s Action Plancs for the weaker sections and to disseminate cost-effective, disaster-resistant and aesthetic housing techniques to be built with locally available materials. Internal and external communication is a critical aspect of Hudco’s activity.

My Job profile is to build brand equity of the company with all the stakeholders. Being a national level positions, this job has given me exposure to the national and international media. This job has also helped me understand the breadth and depth of the practices in the communication sector-print and electronic media, advertising, PR, corporate films etc. in the private, public, NGOs and government sector at the national level.

While doing the job,I have also endeavored to upgrade my skills by undergoing various courses, attending various seminars/workshops etc. Since internet has become the latest communication medium, to understand its intricacies, I am doing a course on web designing and e-commerce. The course content includes Photoshop, HTMl, Adobe After effects, MS Front Page, GIF Animator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, java Script, VB Script, ASP, SQL and other related concepts.

Further Goals:
From here on, in the short term, I would like to join a corporate house (preferably an FMCG company) that offers professional working environment in the field of strategic managements as I feel I am quite strong in planning, coordination and in managing men and materials.

In the medium term considering my cross-functional approach, I would like to work as a consultant conceptualizing and executing various business plans (like business development, restructuring, merger etc). Alternately, I would like to work with a consultancy firm.

In the long term, I would like to own knowledge and news based technology intensive enterprise of my own. Internet revolution has swept the globe in recent past and India has taken the lead by emerging as a global player in this cutting edge technology. I have a great fascination for new technology and news based industries and would like to be a part of this emerging knowledge based industries and would like to be a part of this emerging knowledge based economy. My professional qualification in journalism and experience in corporate communications; the web designing and e-commerce course that I am doing and the MBA Program, in addition to my systematic and organized approach, will hold me in good stead towards achieving my goals.

Why MBA:
An MBA is the ideal bridge from my present state to my desired goal since it provides with a structured and comprehensive input of management concepts and skills and lays down the framework for further learning by increasing the slope of the learning curve making it steep. It offer unparalleled career enhancement and transports a person to the high-speed career corridor. Hence, the imperativeness of doing an MBA.

Why USA:
An MBA from a US university will give me the maximum international exposure that a country can offer. In addition, the professional work culture in US will altogether alter my personality. Hence, the decision to do an MBA from USA.

Value I will add on to the class of MBA students:
Schooling at Sainik School Tilaiya has imbibed in me a sense of responsibility and discipline in all aspects of my life. Then, that small town boy from Bihar, India comes to metropolitan Delhi with small town value system and big dreams. Putting in place an evolving perspective, the boy graduates to a man with a cross-cultural and a cross-economic value system and big dreams. Putting in place an evolving perspective, the boy graduates to a man with a cross-cultural and a cross-economic value system.

A professional qualification in Journalism and a career in PR have taught me the functioning of the mass communication sector-print and electronic media, advertising agencies, PR agencies, Govt. mass communication set up.

During my over four and a half-year of job in HUDCO, I had the opportunity to understand the functioning of the Govt. sector-the Ministries and the Puss. In addition, I am a keen observer or men and manners and have special interest in analysis of contemporary issues-socio-economic, socio-political, defense and international relations etc. I take keen interest in developments in business and economics.

I am an effective team player, a quality which has evolved through a number of responsibilities I have shouldered in my personal life. At school, I was the House Captain (Maura House), NCC Troop Commander (Troop No.4) and class Monitor and understood the importance to teamwork and discovered and hone my ability to carry the team together.

I am a well-informed person with a constant urge to update my self.

I would also bring with me the fast developing Asian economic perspective in general and Indian perspective in particular.

As a result, I have evolved a cross-cultural, cross-economic, scientific and rational perspective. I think that this progressive and ever evolving value system is quite unique and I, with the experience of having lived across the spectrum of socio-economic class, profession and region, bring with the experience of having lived across the spectrum of socio-economic class, profession and region, bring with me a refreshing approach to life, career, success etc.

My merits and demerits:
Exposure to a wide cross section-economic, professional, culture and regional, of society has developed in me the confidence and the ability to communicate with diverse people in their communication language and behavioral pattern. And that makes me quite acceptable to a wide and diverse section of society.

My tendency to be through with the hand, to go deep into all the concerned aspects without taking any thing at the face value has helped me to gain perfect insight on the subject I work on. My systematic and organized approach has made even the complex tasks look like a child’s play to me. These qualities, together with my honesty and integrity, have helped assign to me various responsibilities in professional and personal life, which I have carried on to the satisfaction of all.

I am a team player to the core with effective interpersonal and communication-written and oral, skills with an ability work under pressure and tight deadlines. I am reasonable and open to new ideas. I have a flexible approach and quite adaptable to diverse persons and situations.

I am altruist to the core and cannot see suffering of other people.

My biggest demerit is stretching the process of analysis and research to the extreme of procrastination. While this personality trait has given me valuable insight on the subjects I work on to create a conceptual frame work, at times it has actually made me miss the bus. However, I am working hard to overcome this by systematizing the process while working towards a particular goal by setting deadlines-long, medium and short term and laying down the conceptual framework towards defining this process, through consultations with colleagues and seniors and through research (magazines, books and internet).

I am too much of perfectionist, which is not practical at times. Sometimes, habit of getting emotionally involved with a job, delays important tasks.

I get emotionally involved with the problems of theirs.

No aspect of my background has ever been an obstacle in my life towards achieving my goals. As I have moved on in life, personality traits and behavioral patterns have demanded reorientation in the changed perspective and thus any problematic behavioral aspect has gradually given way to the acceptable working style. No particular background it’s the guarantee to zero obstacles in life. One has to continuously be in the learning mode towards achieving that state.

My most valued achievement in life:
After coming to Delhi from a small town and being exposed to a world full of opportunities and choices completely transformed my vision towards life. My family, near and distant relatives and friends started looking to me with great expectation of being guided to the right avenues of life. And this takes, I feel, I have fulfilled to the great satisfaction of all. I value this contribution to society and consider it as the most valued achievement of my life.

Awareness of developments-political, economic, defense, international relations etc; taking place all around is my greatest hobby. I try to quench this thirst by reading newspaper and seeing current affairs based programs on TV. I place special emphasis on analytical stories related to socio-politics, socio-economic, defense, international relations and the stock markets. I prefer The Times of India and The Economic Times for its balanced, cosmopolitan and intellectual approach towards the treatment of its stories. Among the TV channels, I prefer Star News and CNBC Asia. Star News for its selection, prioritization and show casing of stories. Among the TV channels, I prefer Star News and CNBC Asia. Star News for its selection, prioritization and show casing of stories and CNBC Asia for giving me complete picture about the corporate sector and the stock market. Business new based programs are my favorites.

I have recently developed a passion for computers and I keep on upgrading my skill in this area by doing various courses etc. I am pursuing a course etc. I am pursuing a course on web designing and e-commerce.

Sitting in cyber café has gradually up graded its priority in the list of my past time hobbies. I enjoy surfing the Net for hours together.

And lastly, passing time with tike minded friends and reminiscing school days college days and planning future in the career (becoming more realistic days by day.)

I also seek to undertake social activity. In the after math of the massive earthquake in Gujarat, India on January 26, 2001, every one around was thinking of donating clothes, eatables etc. but for want or right mode of delivering, war holding back. I contacted two NGOs – 1. SACCs (South Asian Coalition for Child Servitude) and, 2. VANI (Voluntary Action network India) who were sending the reflief materials to Gujarat daily and were distributing it to the really needy persons. I put up an Appeal’ Notice on notice boards of all the offices in my office complex (India Habitat Center, lodi Road, New Delhi) for donation of suitable materials. Collection exceeded our expectations and we sent the items to Gujarat. These initiatives on my part provide my soul the greatest ratification of all.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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