Letter of Intent Sample – 12 for MBA

Change is far more profound than what we can sense. Especially so today, when a rapidly changing environment and a more uncertain future awaits us, challenging our capabilities. To meet these emerging challenges with a decisive victory, we must incessantly strengthen our roots and stretch our reach. And if one doesn’t match up with this pace, he may be flung far from the steady stream of society. As Darwin, the Father of Evolution, truly said:

“Change yourself to adapt to the change because he who adapts himself successfully to the changing stimulus is the one fittest and the one who ought to and shall survive”.

Per se, it wouldn’t be wrong to surmise that it is this interminable change. Within us and within the existing structures around us, the gives us, the living configurations. Our impeccability. But a quandary emerges as to how to canalize and direct this change within the structures, And the best riposte to this fix is ‘education. Like Odysseus in his great work, Resolutions, Quoted.

“……. Follow knowledge, like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.
Perhaps beyond that utmost bound,
Is more Knowledge, and more
And more, and more!”

And this, perhaps, best exemplifies my purpose for further graduate study; the pursuit of knowledge, the need for erudition and the want of edification. But of course, each one of us has his career objectives clear in mind while entering into a graduate school. And presenting my career objective brings to my mind the words of L.S.Pearsall, “…there are two things you must aim at in life: to get what you want; and after that, to enjoy what you have achieved. Only the wisest of the making achieve the second”.

My first objective in life is to create and manage one of the world’s most competitive corporate houses, the major thrust of which shall be banking and corporate financing. Cherishing this dream in my mind, I have chalked out my academic life, which, I may boast, till date has been compatible with this ambition. My under-graduate (B.B.A) and graduate (M.B.A) specialization in Finance have given me a relatively sufficient academic base to provide aesthesis to my dream. Through Finance has been my forte, I feel that a further study in new areas along with a diverse exposure at this school would surely add to my academic strengths. Moreover, all my academic life, from my schooling to the M.B.A., I have attended the most reputed institutions of learning. And at this final stage of my academic life, I shall not compromise on this aspect.

Once this dream is fulfilled, I am sure I shall have earned enough wealth, so as to move into philanthropy. “It is a disgrace to die rich”, quoted Andrew Carnegie, the richest person of his time, in his famous book, The Gospel of Wealth. Fully concurring with his worlds, I shall try my level best to rally round the needy institutions in the world so as to assist them in attaining the levels this seat of learning has secured. This venture of mine shall give an opportunity to a greater mass of students to gain knowledge in a conducive learning atmosphere. And in this manner I shall allow my fellow humans to take the maximum benefits from the wealth that I shall have created with their help. This shall follow the achievements of my second objective in life, that is, to reach to a level where I shall serve as a role model for the coming generations so that every action in my life touches a chord that shall vibrate in eternity.

I believe, at this juncture, it shall do me good, if I tell the admissions committee something more about myself. I have a habit of not blowing my own horn; but her, in this case I will make an exception as the wise man truly said, “Modesty may be the real beauty, but not always”.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it. You will at least land among the stars”. This is my philosophy of life. However, I have deviated a bit from usual philosophy this time. I what the moon and that’s all. No compromise by accepting the stars. And that’s exactly why I have opted for this school and no less.

I consider my pleasing personality, a strong I.Q. and good communication & interpersonal skills as my greatest assets, chivalry and respect as my greatest virtues and obsession for achievement and perfection, and excessive money-mindedness as my greatest weaknesses (though I am trying to improve upon them; perhaps my future friends at this school can help me more with it!!). Reading literature & poetry and stock market analysis are my major areas of interest. However, listening to classical music and surfing the Internet are the hobbies I usually pursue (though this list is virtually endless). I am politically indifferent since I like being part of an action rather than being part of a cheering and jeering audience.

I have many achievements to my credit and the ones I value the most are that I was an All-India Merit Ranker in the UNO General Knowledge Teste and a First Class University Merit Ranker in all the years of my graduate college. I have also been previously selective for the prestigious Indian National Defense Academy. I have held important positions like the Director of Lions Club International (Gandhidham Chapter) the Secrtary of the Students working committee of my college and the School Pupil Leader of my high school.

Hoping that this would suffice, I end here, summarizing myself, by quoting a few lines from Swinburne’s Hertha that are my favorite and represent me the most.

“Beside or above me
Nought is ther to go;
I the mark that is missed,
And the arrows that miss,
I the mouth that is kissed,
And the breath in the kiss”.

NB: Do not use the above text in your letter of intent (also known as a motivational letter or statement of purpose). You are advised to create another one. It is shown here only for giving you clear idea and knowledge about how to write best creative and interesting letter of intent.

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