Change is far more profound than what we can sense. Especially so today, when a rapidly changing environment and a more uncertain future awaits us, challenging our capabilities. To meet these emerging challenges with a decisive victory, we must incessantly strengthen our roots and stretch our reach.

I was fortunate enough to be born in a family where education was always given a lot of emphasis. I did my schooling majoring in the science stream of subjects. I graduated from High school with a 1st Division and Distinction (Honors).

I am S. Manoj Chakravarthy an undergraduate in B.B.M (Bachelor in Business Management). I basically come from a family of reputed businessmen and I wish to handle my father’s business as soon as I complete my graduation (M.B.A).

With the drive, determination, and discipline to work at my career and attend an MBA program, I am keen to pursue the high quality MBA. Interested in acquiring the expanded skill set and technical knowledge necessary to start a Real Estate Finance Company, the MBA program will prove central to my future success.

After passing out of engineering college in 1999 with distinction and honors in my Bachelor of engineering, I had the opportunity to join an organization as an engineer in the production department. The company was well known world wide for its quality products and superior engineering.

India has experienced tremendous expansion of opportunities in private enterprise. Along with this growth of opportunities, increasing importance is being given to professional expertise in the management of business and organizations.

It is easy while writing such a “Statement of Purpose” to get carried away by the need to impress the reader. I have tried to be objective about my achievements & career plans & career plans & at the same time to be honest with myself.

The main purpose and aim of anyone are and should be (a) to progress and prosper well, (B) to make life worth-while, meaningful and purposeful, (c) to achieve what are aimed, dreamt and desired, (d) to be useful to the family and to the society in the best possible manner and (e) to live happy and contented life.