I, the undersigned, am seeking admission into University of Missouri at Rolla for an MS degree in Electrical Engineering, commencing fall 2001. I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics & Power (Electrical) Engineering for Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering

Ever since I was a child the sound of nature have enticed me. At a very young age, I learned that communication in nature had its own unique way. My mother is a teacher at a deaf and dumb school. I felt the need for communication ever since I visited that school and saw children devoid

I, Ms. B. Shanthi Rekha Reddy, finished Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications at Gulbarga University, Karnataka. As I set out to start a new phase of my life with the mixed feelings of joy at having privilege of being a part of the very best in the world and a heaviness

As part of my endeavor to pursue higher studies, I am presenting the statement of purpose.

Science as a subject has always fascinated me, right from school days, when it answered many questions that grilled my mind. This helped me to develop logical thinking and reasoning

Being in the forefront of a field of knowledge always holds a special charm. To be in touch with and hopefully, to be a part of the cutting edge in Electrical engineering research is something. I would cherish. An MS from the right institute, apart from being a memorable

Right from my childhood, my life has shaped like a dream. I have dared to dream of the best and have always achieved it. I believed that all accomplishments are related to a person’s frame of mind. Most people are scared of dreaming, while there are others, who like to dream,